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Can't thank you enough

I really do have to extend a huge thanks to my advisor at Across The Pond. You were available at all times, you constantly responded in a timely fashion and it's hard to explain how much help you really did provide. I think the process of applying to graduate school is very daunting for some people...

Conor Purdon

Kent, University of

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Diverse student body

I actually had the opportunity to study at The University of Nottingham in my undergraduate studies as part of an exchange program with my home university (Concordia University). The University of Nottingham is one of the only schools to offer a course that includes two interdependent topics such...

Philip Kligman

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Easy commute to London

As far as cities in Canada are concerned, everything is huge and vastly spread out. There are tall buildings and massive six lane highways everywhere. So when I made the move from Canada to UK, it was a big change for me. Not only is the weather considerably more bearable here, everything is much...

Sai Save

Surrey, University of

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Encouraging and helpful

Why Falmouth?Not many places offer something as specific as Performance Sportswear Design. I spoke to two alumni who share the same passion as me in football kits. They have great things to say about the course. I also exchanged emails with Patrick Gottelier and it was great to see that he was...

Christer Leung

Falmouth University

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Friends from all over the world

Why did you choose City, University of London?I chose City for the location and the academic reputation. City is located in the heart of London, which meant I would not only get to live in one of the most central areas in London but I would also get the opportunity to travel around Europe easily....

Heena Kapoor

City, University of London

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From all around the world

The best thing about the course is where all the students come from. We literally come from all around the world and everybody has so many different experiences to share.

Diana Marsilio

Oxford Brookes University

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Glasgow is a fabulous city

What was it like to settle in at Strathclyde University?The process of setting into Scottish university life was fairly easy for me. I had just finished my undergraduate degree in June of 2014, so I was still in the mindset of a student. Strathclyde had a number of events planned for new students,...

Emily Rolko

Strathclyde, University of

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Great service, free of charge

I used the 'Study Across The Pond' service to help me apply for my Journalism MA in the UK. I remember asking over and over again if it there was a fee to pay because I couldn't believe such a great service was free of charge. From the very start, my adviser was there to guide me. He helped my...

Ahmad Al Hendi

Cardiff University

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Hands-on experience

The BSc (hons) maritime business is for you if you wish to pursue a highly international and multicultural career that few, perhaps no other, industries can offer. As shipping accounts for 90–95 per cent of total global trade, it is one of the most important industries in today’s society,...

Henrik Sollie Klokk

Solent University

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Hard to go back home

Coming to the UK has been one of the best decisions I have made. I love it here and will find it hard to go back home. When I first arrived it was daunting, and a little scary, but it quickly became a second home. My first day in York I ended up going out with my housemates to a freshers event and...

Meaghan Mackie

York, University of

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