My Experience Across the Pond

Discover why students love Across the Pond and studying in the UK

Emily S.
Aberystwyth University

I chose to study at Aberystwyth University because it is a partner with my home University. Their drama program is well reputed and offers applied theatre courses which my home University did not. The modules I have taken this term are wonderful… Read more

Jamaal J.
Brunel University London
Why did you decide to study at Brunel?

Brunel University was my choice out of the universities I applied to because it felt more like a community than the others. From the start I was given the opportunity to engage in discussions online… Read more

Ahmad A.
Journalism, Cardiff University

I used Across the Pond's services to help me apply for my Journalism MA in the UK. I remember asking over and over again if it there was a fee to pay because I couldn't believe such a great service was free of charge. From the very start, my… Read more

Reilly K.
Bangor University

Across the Pond was absolutely amazing at helping me get to the UK for my Post Grad program. My advisor was fantastic and helped me choose schools, submit my applications, and provided information on getting my student visa. She was always… Read more

Meera S.
University of Brighton

I truly enjoyed being at the University of Brighton and loved both the academic and social aspects. From trips to the beach, the annual Pharmacy Ball, and opportunities for further study in special interests, Brighton has a lot to offer for… Read more

Nicole M.
Aberystwyth University

I chose to study at Aberystwyth specifically because it is the origin of the field of International Relations and maintains this reputation as the leading department of its kind. The department truly has some of the best scholars in their field… Read more

Meaghan M.
University of York

Coming to the UK has been one of the best decisions I have made. I love it here and will find it hard to go back home. When I first arrived it was daunting, and a little scary, but it quickly became a second home. My first day in York I ended up… Read more

Vanessa V.
University of Worcester

Ever since I could remember I have always wanted to travel to England so I thought I would take the opportunity to study here. I chose Worcester because I wanted the traditional English vibe from the city. Being an international student here is… Read more

Sai S.
University of Surrey

As far as cities in Canada are concerned, everything is huge and vastly spread out. There are tall buildings and massive six lane highways everywhere. So when I made the move from Canada to UK, it was a big change for me. Not only is the weather… Read more

Emily R.
University of Strathclyde
What was it like to settle in at Strathclyde University?

The process of setting into Scottish university life was fairly easy for me. I had just finished my undergraduate degree in June of 2014, so I was still in the mindset of a student.… Read more

Emal F.
What made you choose Southampton?

I chose Southampton for two main reasons. Firstly, because it was one of the recommended schools for the JD pathway by Across The Pond. Secondly, my friend who attended this university a couple of years before I… Read more

Amanda B.
University of Solent
Describe a typical day on your course

It depends on the time of the year and the various deadlines we have to meet. We could spend our days in one of the nine studios, recording music and mixing it either in the MacLab or workstation, rehearsing… Read more

Hilary F.
Archeology, University of Sheffield

Describing my university experience in the United Kingdom is a difficult task, as it has honestly been one of the most fun and exciting times of my life. I heartily recommend this experience to anyone who is thinking about a Master's, as living… Read more

Jessica M.
University of Roehampton

Going to University of Roehampton has been the best choice I have ever made! It has given me invaluable experiences and amazing lifelong friends. I have felt supported by Roehampton's staff every step of the way, whether it be an academic or… Read more

Liam C.
Robert Gordon University

My experience living and studying in Scotland has been the best experience of my life. The staff at RGU were so accommodating to international students and worked hard in providing us with a superior education that has proven itself over and over… Read more

Julia K.
Queen Mary University of London

Choosing to pursue further education is a big decision in and of itself, regardless of whether or not one also plans to pursue this education abroad. Without guidance it can be especially nerve-wracking to rely solely on your own understanding of… Read more

Gabriella G.
Oxford Brookes University

I am now attending Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, UK doing a masters in International Studies (International Relations). Initially I chose this school because of its location in Oxford but since coming here the program is well rounded to… Read more

Michael K.
Newcastle University

Across the Pond provides an exceptional service in personal advice and student guidance. I met my advisor from Across the Pond at a university conference in Toronto. I liked her professional approach and her willingness to help me find the school… Read more

Adam P.
Loughborough University

Having spent some of my childhood in Leicestershire, I knew of Loughborough as being the best University for Sports Science in the UK and was keen to come and study my master's here. Knowing the course was only 1 year was a major positive and… Read more

Christian N.
University of Leeds

My name is Christian, I study at the University of Leeds and I am enrolled in their PhD programme in Biological Sciences, studying systems neuroscience specifically. I was attracted to this university because of their research in the field of… Read more

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