As far as cities in Canada are concerned, everything is huge and vastly spread out. There are tall buildings and massive six lane highways everywhere. So when I made the move from Canada to UK, it was a big change for me. Not only is the weather considerably more bearable here, everything is much smaller than what I am initially used to.

Guildford, for me, is a small town (there’s ONLY four Starbucks here, including the one on campus!). I love it. I love being able to walk almost anywhere without having to wear insane amounts of winter gear. Back home, driving is practically mandatory as the public transport does not cover the entire city and the weather conditions are too harsh to walk/cycle. This experience is completely new and I am wholeheartedly welcoming it. There are times when I do miss the snow, but then I see my friends back home in the -25°C weather and realise how lucky I am to be spending Christmas in Guildford this year.

One of the great things about being at the University of Surrey is its easy commute to London. The city is only 30 or so minutes away by train and it is one of my absolute favourite places to be. I first visited London when I was 10 years old, and ever since then, I have taken every chance I possibly can to return. Now its so close to me, and I love going there to sightsee. I don’t think I’ve seen a city with such beautiful architecture before. The old buildings that still stand, coupled with the modern additions really bring out a different sort of vibe.

My friends back home call London the “New York of England.” Being a giant Harry Potter fan, the first thing I did was rush to King’s Cross (fellow HP crazies will know) and find the 9 and 3/4 trolley and took about ten photos with it. It’s one thing crossed off my bucket list now!

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