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Occupational therapy works to improve a patient’s ability to complete everyday tasks if they are experiencing difficulties. This is completed through health-promotion and utilizing increased activity and movement. Occupational therapy can help many different populations with improved practical tasks including those that are recovering from an illness, post-operative, those with learning or physical disabilities, aging populations and more.  

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At the master’s level, this exciting and popular programme is a mix of theory and practice but does tend to be more clinically-oriented rather than research-oriented.   

The programme gives you the skills and knowledge required to work as an Occupational Therapist in all sorts of environments. You will learn to analyse why people do certain things, and to understand how people's lives are shaped by their environment and culture, and how these factors can affect health. 

Applicants are expected to have relevant experience in a health-related field. This can include paid, volunteer or even shadowing experiences. 

Work placements are integrated into the programme which allows you to build your professional resume and implement your knowledge to real-world scenarios.   


occupational therapy


At the master’s level, a UK Occupational Therapy degree is a perfectly viable route for seeking employment in Canada. Occupational Therapy degrees obtained at the bachelor’s level (BSc Occupational Therapy) are generally not able to receive accreditation in Canada. Students should contact the regulatory organization in their home province for further information about the accreditation process.   

As an occupational therapy graduate, you will probably end up as an occupational therapist. If this is the case, you will be able to work daily with treating patient injuries and preventing further patient ailments through education, and guidance. As an occupational therapist, you will work with clients and patients of all ages to help them to better cope with the challenges they face in their daily lives. 

occupational therapy


If you wish to practice as an Occupational Therapist in Canada, it is important that you contact the regulatory organization in your home province for further information about the accreditation process.   

How to Navigate Tricky Professional Health Applications to UK Unis

All of the different application requirements from deadlines to personal statement word limits to reference letter requirements can make it especially daunting when trying to apply to professional health degrees. Our advisors have many years of experience helping Canadian students successfully apply to physiotherapy degrees in the UK. They've even put together a webinar to help you ensure you are submitting the best professional health application you can. Find out more: 

WEBINAR: Creating a Strong Application: Professional Health Programmes | Across the Pond (

If you're interested in applying for these rewarding programs, please leave your details and an advisor will start helping you with the application process!




If you are considering studying in the UK, there is a large selection of degrees available, and we are happy to help you find the course of your dreams! Contact us to get help from one of our Student Advisors, and feel free to read more about similar courses in the UK:

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How to Apply

Applying to study in the UK can be tricky and confusing when doing things on your own. Take all of the stress out of the process by using Across the Pond’s free expertise and guidance. To help you on your way here are some things to be aware of: 


In the UK, admissions are mainly on a rolling basis – meaning it is "first come, first served" until the programme is filled. We therefore recommend that you apply as early as you can, and preferably before Christmas if you want to start your studies the following autumn. Exceptions: Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Sciences as well as all courses at the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, and also selected courses at master's level. 


Choosing what to study and which university to go to can be a very difficult process, especially when you may not be able to go and visit to find out which option you like best. Our advisors regularly visit the universities and help hundreds of students apply to a wide range of subjects every single year. They will be able to help you determine which universities and courses are best for you based on your academic background and the universities' minimum requirements, as well as your wishes and needs for what you would like your study experience to look like and cost.


We make it very easy for you! We have our own application form where you fill in your information and upload your application documents. We check that everything has been entered correctly before the application is submitted and that way you do not have to worry that you have made any mistakes that may result in you not being accepted. 


To apply for studies at UK universities you need: 

  • One academic letter of recommendation if you are applying for undergraduate studies, and often two if you are applying for Master’s degree programmes. We have advice and tips that you can give to the person who will be writing this for you, so that together we ensure that they include all the information the UK universities are looking for. For postgraduate applicants you may also be required to submit your CV. Please note that how to write a CV for UK universities may differ from how they are expected to be written in your home country. 
  • Preliminary grades or final diploma (final diploma will be sent as soon as you have received it).
  • Personal Statement. It is very important that it is you who has written your personal statement, but we will help you with what is important to include (or not include!) based on what and where you are hoping to study, in addition to proofreading it for you. This is a very important part of the application and whether or not you get in may be decided based on this statement. Some universities and courses have additional requirements and expectations in terms of what they want to see here and it is very important that you adhere to these indications. That's why we spend a lot of time making your personal statement as good as it can be. 
  • Note: Some courses will also require an audition, portfolio and other admissions tests. 



When applying for undergraduate programmes, an application fee is required which is paid to the admissions service. In addition, some universities charge an application fee for some of the Master’s programmes they offer. These application fees are payable directly to the University or the University and Colleges Admissions Service and not to us. We will never ask for any payment or card information from you and all help from us is free of charge. 

Some universities will require a deposit to secure your study place after you have been granted admission, this will later be deducted from the tuition fee. After you have been granted admission and your place has been confirmed, you will have to pay a fee to apply for a student visa in order to access healthcare in the UK during your studies. If you wish to live in the universities’ student housing you must apply to be allocated a room before the housing application deadline and once this has been processed you are often required to pay deposit to secure the accommodation. When you eventually enrol in the university, you will pay the tuition fee. Prices in the UK vary greatly and if you have any questions about the cost of studying in the UK, please get in touch. We are happy to help you find affordable options! 


We will walk you through each step of the application process and help you with everything you need to consider before deciding whether or not you want to apply to study in the UK. If you choose to complete an application we will help you with absolutely everything from start to finish. 

We are here to help you whether you have questions related to studying in the UK or want more information about selected universities or courses. Contact us whether you just want more information or if you are ready to get started with your application! 

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