The United Kingdom has many more universities than exist in Canada, which means that there are more study opportunities than we have here at home. Not only are there a variety of universities to choose from but the range in subject areas is endless! In the UK you can find degrees that you had no idea existed! Find out more about the types of degree programs available here



Some exciting opportunities you can choose:

  • Begin studying your intended subject right off the bat. The education system in England, Wales and Northern Ireland doesn’t require “general education” credits the way that most North American universities do. This means that you get right into the nitty gritty of your subject matter from the start and helps to explain why many degrees are shorter than Canadian equivalents. If you’re not sure you’re quite ready to jump in like that, the Scottish education system is what the North American system was modelled from so there’s lots of opportunities in Scotland for students prefer that method.  Check out all the places you can study here.
  • Take another language as part of your degree (or in addition to it). Maybe you want to learn a new language, or further develop existing language skills. Many universities offer language skills certificates that you can earn in addition to your degree
  • Go on an exchange to another exciting country for a semester or a year. Either to practice another language, or just for the experience!
  • Opportunity for "internships" or part-time jobs alongside your studies or during holidays.
  • One year work experience / placement. What is better to get into working life as a recent graduate with a year of relevant work experience in your luggage?


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Admission requirements at the various universities and studies vary greatly. Since we work with many universities, we are guaranteed to find something that suits you. Our supervisors are happy to help you find programs based on your academic background and suitability in relation to what you want to study and where you want to go. Read more about UK admissions requirements here.


You are not alone! We are contacted daily by students who do not know what they want, except that they want to go abroad - we are so happy to help you find your dream degree!


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