Most Popular Subjects for Canadians to Study in the UK

New to researching the UK for your studies and want to know which subject areas are most popular? Or maybe you have a specific career path in mind and were recommended to consider the UK for it? While Canadians travel to the UK to study a wide variety of subjects every year, there are a number of subject areas that are extremely popular for Canadians when going to the UK. In many cases these are subjects that are either highly competitive or have limited availability in Canada. The significantly higher population and number of universities in the UK mean its a great option for Canadians looking for subject areas that they find themselves unable to study back home in Canada. Alternatively, there are some subject areas where the UK provides a different perspective or world-leading expertise within the subject making it an ideal place for Canadians to study. 

With an increasing globalization, many employers seek out applicants who have not only completed the required education and training for the position but also look favourably on applicants who have international experience and broadened perspectives. Furthermore, while many of the subject area popular with Canadians will require accreditation or licensing in order to work within your intended jurisdictions, on account of our commonwealth history and close ties with the UK, most professional subjects are readily transferrable from the UK to Canada. Before you travel to the UK, be sure you have looked up the requirements for working in your intended career and what steps you'll be required to complete in order to work in Canada with a degree from the UK. 


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