Written by Lauren, 2021-07-06

"How do I choose the best UK university for my degree?" Choosing a university to study at is a daunting task. It’s where you’ll be living and learning for the next 3-4 years. So, first and foremost, you want to make sure it’s somewhere you like!… Read more

Written by Brittany, 2021-06-29

I planned many of my trips to the theatre in advance. That being said, most of the time I was just looking for something to do when I had a free day from assignments or classes. When I think back to my time in London, some of my favourite… Read more

Written by Brittany, 2021-06-15

Previously, we were looking at different ways for students to get a taste of "Canadian cottage life” while studying in the UK.

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Getting into the wilderness is a shared love across Canada. When you first… Read more

Written by Brittany, 2021-06-01

Searching for your perfect UK university is not always an easy task. There are many qualities that students need to consider beyond typical GPA requirements or ranking of a university. For instance, lifestyles, interests, academic goals, and… Read more

Written by Brittany, 2021-05-24

Going to the cottage is a way of life across Canada. We even have different names for this activity depending on where you live! Whether you go to the cottage, to camp, to the lake, to the cabin, or to the bungalow, chances are you’ve experienced… Read more

Written by Mackenzie, 2021-05-13

London is known for many famous tourist attractions. However, the city also has a reputation for unique and quirky spots that can be found off the beaten track! Once you’ve checked Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London off your list, try… Read more

Written by Mackenzie, 2021-04-29

If you’ve accepted an offer to a UK university (or are planning to soon), congratulations! You’re probably thinking – now what? Don’t worry! Your Across the Pond advisor is still here to help with the remainder of this process. Read on to find… Read more

Written by Lauren, 2020-10-15
by Lauren Cameron, Student Advisor

The UK has so many different myths and legends, most of which we’ve all been hearing about since we were little kids. Why not take the opportunity to study in the UK, surrounded by the myths of the Loch Ness… Read more

Written by Brittany, 2020-08-31

The human population is collectively working towards finding innovative solutions to maintain a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Throughout the UK, many universities have taken it upon themselves to join this collective… Read more

Written by ATPAmbassador, 2020-08-25

by Kaley Dallaire

This time last year I was weeks away from moving to England for a yearlong master’s programme. One year later, I am weeks away from my completing my master’s. Despite everything that happened this year, my thoughts on… Read more

Written by ATPAmbassador, 2020-08-21

by Nicole ClenndiningQuick End to the Year

My first year of study in the UK was unexpectedly made more challenging by the national University and College Union strikes and the Covid-19 pandemic. While the normal school year would have… Read more

Written by Lauren, 2020-06-15
by Lauren Cameron, Student Advisor

(all photos by my friend Caoimh O’Sullivan, usually of my ice cream)

Ice cream is arguably one of the best desserts there is. There’s so many flavours, it’s refreshing on a hot summer day, and it’s… Read more

Written by Mackenzie, 2020-05-21
Original image by Philg88.

Part of why the British monarchy is so captivating is that the institution has existed for so long. Royals have been around in the area now known as the British Isles since the 500s, starting with King Cerdic in the… Read more

Written by Brittany, 2020-04-15
Adviser Brittany in Vienna

At some point during your studies you are bound to get the travel bug. One of the bigger perks to living in the UK is that international travel becomes significantly cheaper, and breathtaking destinations are often… Read more

Written by Brittany, 2020-03-24
by Brittany Zaiser

Canadians are no strangers to spectator sports. Professional, semi-professional and university level teams are scattered across the country which means there is ample opportunity to watch your favourite teams play in person or… Read more

Written by ATPAmbassador, 2020-03-19
by Bleen Sharma

“There’s nothing like a nice cup of tea in the afternoon”. For some this phrase is fairly familiar, and for others this phrase is a way of life. In the United Kingdom, tea has steeped (tea pun) its way into the lives of… Read more

Written by ATPAmbassador, 2020-03-12
by Kiranpreet Basra

Amongst the fears of moving across the pond, we also fear if we are going to make friends. This is one of the things I was most worried about as without friends, the experience would be very lonely. However, I assure you, it… Read more

Written by ATPAmbassador, 2020-03-09
by Alessia Scappaticci

Prior to arriving in the UK, I worked at a tea shop, where I learned to become a serious tea aficionado. And after living here for a few months, I’ve managed to learn a thing or two about the UK’s rules about tea, and the… Read more

Written by ATPAmbassador, 2020-03-05
by Nicole Clendinning

Not only is London the biggest financial Hub in the UK, it has been termed the world’s most innovative and influential global city. While there is no shortage of sights to see and things to do upon your first visit here, I’… Read more

Written by ATPAmbassador, 2020-02-22
by Alessia Scappaticci

Whether you’re coupled up or on the market, we can all agree that Valentine’s Day is a great day to spread the love. My intentions for this year were to do just that by spending some time with my friends, and treating… Read more

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