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Over 15 Years of Expert Experience in UK Study

For over 15 years we have provided a free counselling and advisory service to all students interested in undergraduate and graduate study at some of the best colleges and graduate schools in Britain and Europe.

Partnered with Top UK Universities

We are partnered with over 45 top UK universities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which offer the greatest range and breadth of courses at the highest academic level.

Free One to One Advice

Across the Pond can offer you a unique free one-to-one support and guidance from a Canadian Personal Advisor, as our funding is provided by the British universities we are partnered with.

Advisors’ Support and Guidance

Each of our expert team of Advisors has personal experience of studying in Britain and many have used Study Across the Pond. Hence, they have a wealth of first-hand knowledge about studying in Britain.

Easy Application Process

You can apply to up to 5 universities through the Across the Pond application form. Save yourself the time without compromising on the number of schools you want to reach out to.

Personal Statement Guidance

Achieve a high quality personal statement in order to impress UK universities with our guidance. With their expert knowledge and experience, our Advisors are able to support you through this process.

Increased chance of UK University Acceptance

With Across the Pond’s exceptional expertise in UK study, our students have an increased chance of UK university acceptance!

Personalized University Selection Support

The Advisors’ personal approach enable you to choose a university that suits your academic interests, lifestyle and location preferences.