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The appeal of the city of Edinburgh spoke to me. I studied abroad while attending a university in Philadelphia, hoping to gain a broader horizon. While on exchange, I noticed just how different UK universities are and found I preferred them. I chose to transfer from my American university to study at Edinburgh Napier University for the practical/work-related skills they offered, the one-to-one sessions I was able to have with my lecturers, and for the warm environment the University provided.

What I love about Edinburgh Napier are the facilities available to my course. I appreciate the camera gear and studios available to film students, we are encouraged to use them freely and routinely. The support I received as a foreign student was amazing - I received help about finding flats, finding a doctor or a bank, and have attended academic help sessions where I was taught how to reach British writing standards.

Edinburgh is a university city through and through. I felt at home the moment I landed, thanks to finding it easy to make friends. There's so many places to see and activities to take part in in Edinburgh. Because I come from a big city, I found getting around Edinburgh pretty easy. Still, I found it difficult to adjust to living on my own for the first time. 

Because there's so much to keep busy with in Edinburgh though, between university and work and volunteering, I found it easy to stay motivated. Each job or study related opportunity is a chance to meet new people and to explore new parts of the city.

One day, I plan to own a production company where I can direct my own films. Edinburgh Napier has allowed me to continually create films and work with new people, which is exactly what I need to suit my career plans. 

I'm able to use industry-standard technology and editing labs. I love being able to use the equipment so much that I'm considering doing my masters at Edinburgh Napier University.

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