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Across The Pond helped me apply to a number of universities in the UK and made the entire process really easy stress-free. They helped not only with the application process but also with what to expect once I was over there and what I should do to prepare. Arriving to York was scary because I hadn’t known anyone at the time. However I was surprised to find a large number of other North American students who also used Across The Pond to apply to York (one even in my program) and we all became really close friends really quickly!

The University of York is an amazing university! It is a beautiful campus, has great teaching facilities and friendly and supportive faculty and staff. The historic City of York is also nearby. The train station in right in the city so there is easy (and relatively cheap) access to travel.

I am so happy that I took this chance, moving half way around the world, for my studies. Across The Pond made the transition quite easy; I’ve made life-long friends, and couldn’t imagine my life anywhere else.

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More than a degree

Study at University of York

I was introduced to Across The Pond at a graduate fair at the University of Toronto – if it wasn’t for them, I may never have so easily considered studying in the UK. I am now completing my MA in English Literary Studies at the University of York, and I can say without a doubt that it has been the best six months of my life. Moving to the UK, especially a beautiful, friendly city like York has been much more than a degree for me. The postgraduate English department at the university is extremely accessible and welcoming. There is an instant connection between students and professors. The research facilities, conferences, seminars, talks and events enrich the experience even more.

The UK has been especially a great place for me because of the nature of my program. My research focuses on renaissance and drama which makes England the perfect location for me. Also, York itself is a very special and memorable city. Amongst the many qualities, one of my favourite things about it is most certainly the people.

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Study at University of York

Coming to the UK has been one of the best decisions I have made. I love it here and will find it hard to go back home. When I first arrived it was daunting, and a little scary, but it quickly became a second home. My first day in York I ended up going out with my housemates to a freshers event and since that day we have become such a close knit group of friends (from several different countries) that I feel so secure in whatever problems might come my way. I would say the only downside of living in the UK is that the cost of living is higher than back home and a little more than I expected. However, if you keep your eye open and find out different options, it’s not too hard to live decently on a decent amount of money.

University of York has a beautiful campus and being in archaeology I get to have classes in a building once used in Tudor times. The history of the York is so amazing, from the Roman walls to the Minster and the Georgian housing, I'm amazed every time I walk through town. Hence a great place to study archaeology. My classes are much more specific than they would be back home, but I think that allows you to focus on what is especially interesting to you. The professors are so welcoming and you can tell that they are invested in your work as well and are always willing to help and just provide even further avenues of knowledge. It was weird at first calling professors by their first names, but it does help to establish a closer connection that facilitates a greater understanding.

I want to thank Across the Pond for making it a lot easier to make all of this possible. My advisor was extremely helpful in the application process and it was great to have guidelines and advice to prepare me for life in the UK. I even asked for assistance with an issue months after arrival and it was helpfully answered. I would definitely recommend Across the Pond to anyone wishing to travel to the UK for school.

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