It was by chance that I stumbled upon Across The Pond while I was figuring out how to apply to the UK. With such an opportunity available to me, I applied to their organization as soon as I saw it and I must say, they were great.

Through every step of the way, they have provided crucial information along with a friendly spirit. There were a lot of forms to be filled out which I never would have known if it were not for Across The Pond. I actually had the chance to meet with my advisor in my city and it was a pleasure to finally talk to her.

Furthermore, to top it off, these excellent services they offer are also free! I can truly say that through the organization, you save time and money and make the application process to the UK stress-free. Thanks to them, I am now studying at the University of Exeter, one of the top universities in England and with one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen.

All in all, if you are really thinking of applying to the UK, please ask for help from Across the Pond! You will not regret it!

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