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High quality education

Choosing to pursue further education is a big decision in and of itself, regardless of whether or not one also plans to pursue this education abroad. Without guidance it can be especially nerve-wracking to rely solely on your own understanding of the UK education system, the application processes,...

Julia Koinoff

Queen Mary University of London

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I cannot be happier with my choice to come to Durham

Even though I have been to the UK many times and stayed for a few months at a time living in the UK was a completely different experience. Making friends and getting settled was easy at Durham, everyone was friendly and helpful and the city center I live near has all the amenities I need, however...

Krystal Osborn

Durham University

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I feel valued as a student

Having spent some of my childhood in Leicestershire, I knew of Loughborough as being the best University for Sports Science in the UK and was keen to come and study my master's here. Knowing the course was only 1 year was a major positive and when costing out my education in the UK versus Canada,...

Adam Pinkoski

Loughborough University

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I loved my time here

My name is Samrah Mian and I'm Pakistani-Canadian. I chose to study the International Law LL.M. at the University of Nottingham because I was impressed by its facilities, the beautiful campus and its reputable global status. Additionally, the opportunities available for involvement with the Human...

Samrah Mian

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I made so many friends

This course is for you if you love being creative and are willing to learn whatever is thrown at you.How did Solent prepare you for your career?University has allowed me to learn all different aspects of graphic design for fashion, as well as new software I never knew existed before starting my...

Sophie Mahmud

Solent University

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I studied Engineering at Shanghai University in China, I finished my bachelor’s degree in 2013, after that I went into marketing at a Chinese airline. I went to Kaplan in London to do my pre-master’s course before I started my master's in Investment Management at Cranfield. The...

Taoyi Zhang

Cranfield University

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Landed a job 6 months before graduation

Through the assistance from Brookes lecturers and the Brookes career services centre I landed myself a job at Deloitte Real Estate 6 months before I had even graduated.

Niall Sloane

Oxford Brookes University

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Leeds is a wonderful city

My name is Christian, I study at the University of Leeds and I am enrolled in their PhD programme in Biological Sciences, studying systems neuroscience specifically. I was attracted to this university because of their research in the field of neuroscience and the principal investigator I work for...

Christian Nathan

Leeds, University of

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Life changing

My experience studying in the UK has been life changing, and Across The Pond was a huge help in making it happen. From applications to visas and all of the rest they made my experience run so smoothly - I can't imagine applying without them. Durham University has been incredible so far. With a 1,...

Noah Schwartz

Durham University

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Living in Glasgow was amazing!

Moving to Glasgow, Scotland to complete my Master’s of Science was the best decision I have ever made. I took a leap forward and decided to pursue a Master’s of Science in Forensic Science at the University of Strathclyde once I completed my B.Sc (Honours) back home in Canada. I was lucky...

Youstina Hanna

Strathclyde, University of

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