I settled in very well


My experience with Across the Pond was wonderful! My adviser always responded to my e-mail in a quick span of time and encouraged me to what schools would be best for the experience I was looking for. She would help to look over my personal statements as well as give me any advice on how to better my application. She was extremely helpful and honestly without Across the Pond the application process would have been so much harder. 

My favorite aspects from working with Across the Pond is the the advisers genuinely care about the students and what kind of experience they are hoping for in university in the UK. From the application process, to how to go about applying for your visa everything was answered! The information that was given was always very useful, they sent everything you could imagine to answer your questions about going overseas for school. The visa application information that they sent I would have to say is the most helpful as it outlines exactly what you needed for the application. 

Settling into university was so easy, I came on my flight here with visa in hand and ready for a new adventure. I settled in very well in to the city of Glasgow. 

Glasgow is different from my small town of Elora, Ontario. It is a bigger city, with great bus systems and lots to do! I still have not explored the whole city (but luckily I have another year and a half to do so!). I have been around different parts of Scotland (travelling is pretty cheap here so it is easy enough to do!). 

I choose University of Strathclyde for their Dual Qualification Law Program so that I would come out with a degree in both English and Scots Law; making it easier for me to come back and practice in Canada. As well as pursue international law if I so choose. 

In my spare time I am apart of the Law Clinic here at Strathclyde as well as apart of the Law Society, I usually go to a cafe in my spare time and do some readings or try to find a new book to read. Sometimes I go for a run or walk to try and see new parts of Glasgow!.

Best of luck to you all and I hope your experience is as wonderful as mine has been! 


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