Why did you choose City, University of London?

I chose City for the location and the academic reputation. City is located in the heart of London, which meant I would not only get to live in one of the most central areas in London but I would also get the opportunity to travel around Europe easily. City also has a tremendous history and very notable alumni, which was very appealing to me!

What is your favourite aspect of your course?

My favourite aspect of the course is getting to choose elective modules for third year from a wide range of courses that are rarely offered elsewhere. It allowed me to explore different areas of law, such as aviation law, medical law, family and child law, Canadian corporate law and Canadian constitutional law. 

What’s been the highlight of your time at City so far?

My highlight at City has been making friends from all over the world - City is home to students from over 160 countries. I have friends from the UK, Spain, Turkey, India, America, Canada and many other countries. I feel like I have learned so much about different cultures and countries by having friends that belong to these countries, and it also gives me a chance to be able to visit them one day. 

How is City helping you prepare for your chosen career path?

As a Canadian student studying law, my goal is to go home and practice law in Canada. City has helped me by providing personal tutors as well as a Career Services department. City assigns personal tutors to students, allowing them to get the guidance they need in terms of their whole university career. My personal tutor has always been available to answer questions and guide me in the right direction. City’s Careers Service has helped me polish my CV, prepared me for interviews and assisted me in finding jobs and internships. 

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