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You've applied to study in the UK, congratulations! At Across the Pond, we know that you may not be familiar with the types of offers the UK provides, or the next steps. We're here to help you decode the wording on your offer letters, through examples of what you can expect from a university offer. We'll also cover what to do now that you have your university offer, and how to accept it! Tune in to learn all about how to decode your offer to your chosen UK university! 


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Application Timeline and Deadlines

Join our advising team as we discuss the typical application timeline for students applying for studies in the UK. We'll highlight where you can expect to be in the process month-by-month, different application requirements, major application deadlines, and other key elements to keep you on track. Applying on your own can be overwhelming and confusing but we are here to help you from start to finish.

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Study at Solent University, Southampton

This course is for you if you love being creative and are willing to learn whatever is thrown at you.

How did Solent prepare you for your career?

University has allowed me to learn all different aspects of graphic design for fashion, as well as new software I never knew existed before starting my university life. I have now got a bag full of skills in more areas than I could have imagined. These skills have enabled me to stand out from the crowd to employers.

Favourite Solent memory?

I have lots, but I loved living in halls in my first year and making so many friends.

What is fashion graphics?

Fashion graphics is a mixture of graphic design and fashion design, with elements of art and illustration.

What’s your career highlight so far?

Having my design sold on ASOS is my highlight so far – it was really surreal. I have been lucky enough to work with big brands before I even graduated. It made me think, if I can do this, I can aim for anything.

What’s next for you?

I am now freelancing while I prepare for my full-time job, working for a jersey supplier company in London which supplies designed clothing to Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Miss Selfridge, to name a few. My role is creating/drawing designs (graphics) and shapes ready to be sent to the factories for samples. Usually a buyer sends over information they want and we make the magic happen.

What tips would you give to someone wanting a career in this area?

Be passionate and be willing to learn things that may not be directed at where you think you want to go. I had an open mind, going in wanting to be an editorial designer for a magazine, but I came out the other end skilled in lots of other areas, mainly wanting to pursue a career in print design.

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Study at Solent University

Describe a typical day on your course

It depends on the time of the year and the various deadlines we have to meet. We could spend our days in one of the nine studios, recording music and mixing it either in the MacLab or workstation, rehearsing, preparing and writing songs with our respective bands in preparation for gigs. We also attend production, performance, music theory and business classes. You are constantly learning from your course mates and have spare time to just hang out or jam with them. Sometimes we would spend the whole day at uni, but it is fun and you are constantly doing something.

What has surprised you about the course?

The available technologies and facilities!!! You get everything you need for recording sessions, band rehearsals, production work, and not only for uni work and assignments but for your own projects as well.

What has been your Solent highlight so far?

I got an unbelievable chance to go to Abbey Road Studios, one of the best studios in the world. I spent the whole day in studio 2 recording backing vocals for a song composed by third-year students. It was an unforgettable experience.

How is Solent helping you prepare for a career?

We get multiple opportunities to perform at local venues and the chance to connect with people from other courses.

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