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Always someone to go to for help

Why did you decide to study at Brunel?Brunel University was my choice out of the universities I applied to because it felt more like a community than the others. From the start I was given the opportunity to engage in discussions online regarding the school, my program of choice and the UK/Europe...

Jamaal Julien

Brunel University

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An amazing opportunity

I started my Masters in Chiropractic course at the AECC University College in 2012 and graduate in 2017. Previously I was working within advertising as a copywriter and as a movie magazine editor.I am also delighted to have secured a 3 year PhD post partly funded by the University College and BU....

Linn Erixon-Sahlstrom

AECC University College

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An amazing university

Across The Pond helped me apply to a number of universities in the UK and made the entire process really easy stress-free. They helped not only with the application process but also with what to expect once I was over there and what I should do to prepare. Arriving to York was scary because I hadn’...

Stefania Fulginiti

York, University of

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An amazing year

People ask me why I chose the UK for studying, and I always give the same answer. Many reasons! My ancestry is British, I study British history, I’ve always admired British culture, and the list goes on and on. There were a bunch of little reasons that all added up to the simple realization that I...

Mackenzie Glachan

King’s College London

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An experience like no other

Moving to another country is, at first, both scary and exciting. You’re moving away from who and what you know. But it is an experience like no other, and one that everyone should have if they get the opportunity. I’m studying at the University of Kent, which is in the historic Canterbury, only...

Merika Yong Ping

Kent, University of

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An experience unlike any other

I chose to study at Aberystwyth specifically because it is the origin of the field of International Relations and maintains this reputation as the leading department of its kind. The department truly has some of the best scholars in their field and it is an amazing experience working with them, I...

Nicole Matrocola

Aberystwyth University

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An unbelievable experience

Ever since I could remember I have always wanted to travel to England so I thought I would take the opportunity to study here. I chose Worcester because I wanted the traditional English vibe from the city. Being an international student here is an unbelievable experience. The university provided...

Vanessa Verwarn

Worcester, University of

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Attentive and friendly

Across The Pond has made an incredible difference in my entire application experience. I have studied abroad once before, that time without anything like Across The Pond, so I can honestly say that Across The Pond's efforts make the entire process significantly easier and less stressful. They...

Emilie Gauthier

Strathclyde, University of

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Awesome lecturers

I'm Angelo Morgan and I studied LLB (Accelerated 2 year Programme) within Southampton Law School at the University of Southampton.Before I applied to university, I applied to undertake a mini-pupillage (shadowing a barrister) in London with Red Lion Chambers. During my mini-pupillage I learned a...

Angelo  Morgan

Southampton, University of

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Beautiful campus

I'm Nirusitha Gnanenthra and I studied LLB Accelerated graduate programme within Southampton Law School at the University of Southampton.I wanted to study Law abroad as firstly, I love to travel. Secondly, I have a huge interest in law. When I was given the opportunity to do both, I could not say...

Nirusitha Gnanenthra

Southampton, University of

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