Study at Falmouth University

Why Falmouth?

Having visited Falmouth a few times before coming to Falmouth University, I knew that I loved the town. There is such a friendly, creative and welcoming community at both the University and in Falmouth, it was an easy choice.

What is the most difficult thing about being an international student?

Because I lived in England before coming to Falmouth, I haven’t missed home any more than usual. I’m just really excited to be here!

How have you found the course?

In just the first 2 months of my course, I have learned so much - not just about textiles but about how I work and develop ideas. Even though it has been a lot of information and work in a short space of time, I’ve felt excited about the new opportunities to create. The tutors and technicians have been so helpful, supportive and motivating right from the beginning.

The Academic School?

The library has been the most lovely resource. It is all too easy to get lost exploring the journal collections!

What social activities do you enjoy?

My friends and I have started a Sunday night dinner club. The discussion is usually focused on everyone’s course work, and it’s nice to hear about other courses. In the end, we are all influenced by each other.

What’s the best thing about living in Falmouth?

Being next to the sea. I love being able to walk to the beach whenever I please, it’s such a treat!

What will you miss most about Falmouth?

The friendly and welcoming atmosphere - of the town and the university.

Has the University been supportive?

Yes. The international office has been so helpful and lovely. When I was sorting out my visa from Canada, they were there to answer any questions that I had (there were quite a few).

The future?

Now that I’m here, I don’t want to leave! I’d love to go onto an MA after this.

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