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The best experience of my life

My experience living and studying in Scotland has been the best experience of my life. The staff at RGU were so accommodating to international students and worked hard in providing us with a superior education that has proven itself over and over with the quality of graduates returning to begin...

Liam Corrigan

Robert Gordon University

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The most fun and exciting times of my life

Describing my university experience in the United Kingdom is a difficult task, as it has honestly been one of the most fun and exciting times of my life. I heartily recommend this experience to anyone who is thinking about a Master's, as living and studying in a new country allows you to not only...

Hilary Fagan

Sheffield, University of

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The right choice

I was first introduced to Across The Pond from an online advertisement and later saw a brochure at my University's Career Center. After applying, my life was only made easier. They helped me in finding suitable Universities, completing applications, and perfecting my personal statement. Their...

Martiniqua Moxey

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The support I received as a foreign student was amazing

The appeal of the city of Edinburgh spoke to me. I studied abroad while attending a university in Philadelphia, hoping to gain a broader horizon. While on exchange, I noticed just how different UK universities are and found I preferred them. I chose to transfer from my American university to study...

Corrine McAndrews

Edinburgh Napier University

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Tutors with hands-on experience

I most appreciate Edinburgh Napier University’s commitment to provide its students with the best learning experience possible. This is exemplified in my mind by the layout of the libraries at Edinburgh Napier. When you walk in to any of the campus libraries, you can see students hard at work on...

Chris Fletcher

Edinburgh Napier University

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Very friendly

Oxford is such a beautiful city. There’s always something to do, if you ever want to just go exploring down a street there are so many little things here to do. The people here are very friendly; it’s such a student friendly city.

Pamela Rekhi

Oxford Brookes University

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