Studying Physiotherapy at the University of Winchester

This session provides insight into studying Physiotherapy at the University of Winchester. They focus on developing practitioners that are compassionate problem solvers. Students have the opportunity to gain experience at the university's health clinic, while also learning the required physiology, anatomy, and science skills necessary to be a successful physiotherapist. Watch this session to learn more about Winchester's take on this important field.

(Recorded: 8 July 2021)

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My art practice is based on materiality, and the variety of teaching available and the importance put on making has been amazing. I have introduced ceramics, textiles, and printmaking into my art practice, all because of the access that I have had to real experts in these fields.

Thanks to the support of the Edward James Foundation, I have been able to fully immerse myself in my art and creativity. I know that having an MFA qualification is going to be life-changing.

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