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The number of Canadian students who wish to study law in the UK continues to grow and we are proud to be partnered with some of the best law schools in the country. Whether you are looking to study an LLB (qualifying law degree) or an LLM (Master of Laws), our UK partner universities offer plenty of excellent programs.


The LLB, or qualifying law degree, is the UK equivalent of a Canadian LLB or JD and is completed at the undergraduate level. The standard LLB is a 3-year program. Some universities offer a 2-year “graduate entry” or “senior status” LLB for students who have previously completed an undergraduate honours degree. The 2-year LLB will, in many cases, require a certain level of GPA achievement.

Across the Pond’s expert student advisors have considerable experience in advising candidates on the appropriate options to select according to your academic and professional profile, so be sure to get in touch to find out which program would be best for you! 


A Master of Laws degree (LLM) provides you with an opportunity to develop academic and professional expertise in a particular area of law. Upon completion of a 1-year LLM degree, as a legal expert/consultant, you will be qualified to work in a wide range of settings including advocacy with NGOs, international relations, government, policy advising, administration and many more.

If you already hold an undergraduate degree you can enrol in a Senior Status LLB program followed by an LLM, completing both qualifications in just 3 years compared with the 4 years it would take to do at a Canadian law school!

If you hold an undergraduate degree already and wish to specialize in a subject connected to Law, the LLM could also be a viable option for you, as it will allow you to distinguish yourself through your research (this will not, though, qualify you to practice law). 

Across the Pond universities offering Law

Across the Pond are official Canadian representatives for the Law Schools listed below: