Awesome lecturers

Study Law at University of Southampton

I studied LLB (Accelerated 2 year Programme) within Southampton Law School at the University of Southampton.

Before I applied to university, I applied to undertake a mini-pupillage (shadowing a barrister) in London with Red Lion Chambers. During my mini-pupillage I learned a lot about the law in the UK and how internationally connected the UK is with Europe and the rest of the world. It is this international connection that prompted me to study in the UK.

I also wanted to study abroad because I had completed my first degree in Toronto and decided that it was time for a change of scene.

Initially I planned on returning to Canada after I had completed my Law degree. I knew the University of Southampton offered a Canadian Constitutional Law module in my final year and I figured that it would help me write my NCA exams when I went back to Canada.

I have been very lucky to have awesome lecturers in my first year. I personally love the motivation that the teaching staff gives its students. Many of my lecturers and tutorial leaders speak to us as lawyers of the future – not as first year students who are not expected to know anything. This encourages me to do well in my courses because it shows that the staff believes in me to represent the university proudly.

“You want to study hard in order to choose your career and not let your career choose you”. This excellent quote was made by Professor James Davey in one of our Contract Law lecturers. This exemplifies the inspiration that the Law staff gives their students.

Living in the UK has been brilliant but expensive. I would advise future students and candidates to budget your money well.

By living in Southampton, and in the UK in general, I have been exposed to a completely different culture than what I am used to back home. I love how passionate the football (soccer) fans are here in both Southampton and the UK. I like the pub culture and the sarcastic sense of humour British people have.

Another major perk of living in the UK is that mainland Europe is extremely close. Flights to different countries such as Spain, France, Belgium, Italy are extremely cheap.

I have found it very easy to make friends. I have joined numerous societies such as the Law Society, Inns of Court Society, and Lawyers without Borders and I currently play for the Southampton Spitfires Ice Hockey team.

Joining various societies and sports teams is the best way to make friends within your course and throughout the university.

Given my awesome experience and love for the country, I have elected to write a dissertation instead of doing the Canadian Constitutional law module in my final year – despite coming here for that particular course in mind. I have made this decision because I plan on remaining here after I graduate. I plan to graduate and qualify as a sports lawyer in London and work at either a private firm such as Bird & Bird LLP or as an in-house lawyer at a big named football club.

Despite popular belief, as I have mentioned before, the University of Southampton has an Ice Hockey team. If you come over (regardless of whether you are a male or female) bring some equipment and come play! It is a great way to meet more Canadians that study in Southampton and the UK.

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A great experience

Study Law at University of Southampton

I studied within Southampton Law School at the University of Southampton.

I am currently an Associate at DLA Piper (Canada) LLP practicing Securities & Corporate Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions. The clients that we work for cover the spectrum from small private issuers to large cap public issuers, predominantly in the oil and gas sector.

Studying at the University of Southampton was a great experience, not only from an academic perspective but also with respect to extra-curriculars. While at the University of Southampton I made sure to make the most of my spare time. I was involved in several extra-curricular activities including acting as President of the University of Southampton Investment Society and Law Society, both of which were excellent opportunities, and I also took the time to travel around Europe on weekends when cheap flights were available! I believe these kinds of activities and experiences help to round individuals and certainly give you a leg up in the real world.


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Southampton is calm and peaceful

Study Law at the University of Southampton

Southampton is calm and peaceful, and I was able to focus on my studies without distractions.

During my study, I spent much of my free time at the Southampton courts. I attended many court sections which I found benefited me when I returned to Canada. My advice for students returning to Canada from Southampton is to be proactive before you go back. Start the NCA process right away and try to gain internships at Canadian firms whenever you have the opportunity. 

Since leaving Southampton, I embarked on the ITLP at the law school, University of Toronto in Canada. The two years study allowed me to get into the Canadian bar entry level and I was able to pass the Canadian bar quickly to reach my goal to be a Canadian lawyer within two years. I passed the Canadian bar in June 2014.

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Many Memorable International Life Experiences

Study Law at University of Southampton

 I studied within Southampton Law School at the University of Southampton.

Since graduating with my Law Degree (JD Pathway) from the University of Southampton I have returned to Canada to work for the Crown with the Government of Alberta Ministry of Justice. The majority of my work is focused on the prosecution of Criminal Code of Canada offences, however I also have the opportunity to review and prepare constitutional Charter of Rights arguments often.

In addition to working for the Crown, I have been completing the qualifying examinations which are required in order to practice law in Canada under an international degree. Now completed these exams, I will begin a process similar to that of a pupillage called 'Articles' which will allow me to be called to the bar as a qualified barrister in Canada. I hope to complete my Articles in the next six months and continue my work in criminal prosecutions with the Government.

Studying at the University of Southampton provided me with many memorable international life experiences but also allowed me to completed my legal studies at an accelerated pace. Although I can vividly recall many moments of exhaustion and frustration over the 2 year period of my studies, I believe that the heavy workload and high academic standards prepared me for the hard work and determination which is required for a successful legal career.

I would definitely recommend the University of Southampton to other International students.

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Study Law at University of Southampton

I studied LLB Accelerated graduate programme within Southampton Law School at the University of Southampton.

I wanted to study Law abroad as firstly, I love to travel. Secondly, I have a huge interest in law. When I was given the opportunity to do both, I could not say no. It is rare when an opportunity like this comes along. I believe that knowledge is power and the more educated I am on different governments, culture and people; the more versatile I am to employers.

One of the big reasons I chose the University of Southampton was because of where it was situated. Generally in England, the stereotype is that is always raining and cold – but I had heard amazing things about Southampton such as how it is a peaceful, quiet area with moderate weather. Furthermore, the fact that it was part of the Russell Group made my choice that much easier. When researching prospective schools, my main goal was to attend a school that had a good reputation in England and so far it has lived up to my expectations. The professors and tutorial assistants are tough – but I appreciate that simply because law school should be challenging.

The campus is beautiful. White cherry blossoms during the spring, café’s, spacious library, efficient bus service and the people are very friendly. Furthermore, the professors teach with enthusiasm and tutorial assistants are always there to provide you one-on-one help if anything becomes too difficult. If you need any career advice, Jan Steele is to the go to person. She is constantly updating you with career opportunities, skills workshop, volunteer positions and meet and greets. This is especially helpful for first years, as you will be exposed to different law firms in England.

I enjoy the moderate weather. In Canada, winters are incredibly painful. This year was a good change. I also enjoy the fact that I have all of Europe at my fingertips. Everything is accessible either through the train, plane or bus. You are given so many opportunities to travel. When can you actually say, you have been to Paris or Spain for the weekend? Or you can go explore the UK. Southampton has great little shops, ethnic restaurants, pubs and the scenery is just too beautiful.

Since I am in the accelerated program, I have the privilege of being surrounded by other Canadian students – so it was very easy to make friends. We are all here for the same purpose which allows us bond for mutual reasons. British students are extremely friendly as well and their accents are an exciting change.

I have not joined any sports team, but I have joined the gym closer to the city centre to keep active. It is very affordable and spacious. There are a lot of societies you can join, Law Society, Lawyers without Borders to name a few. There are also, mooting competitions, negotiation competitions and etc.– which I have had the pleasure of participating in and I would suggest future students to participate as well. Mooting allows you hone argumentative skills in the correct legal way, which will be important for the Legal Reasoning course in your first year as well as for the future, once you become a lawyer.

When I graduate I am planning to return back to Canada. That was my plan from the beginning as I am very close with my family and friends. I was also a practicing Paralegal In Canada and have made many connections prior to coming to England, which will hopefully benefit me as a new lawyer. If I didn’t miss my family so much, I would stay in England without a doubt.

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A World Class Law Degree

Study Law at University of Southampton

Having moved to Canada at a young age, there was always an inclination to eventually move back to the United Kingdom—where the majority of family resides. After graduating with a degree in Political Science and Journalism from a leading Canadian institution, I began exploring options of where I wanted to study law.

I always knew I wanted to study law. In fact, my high school yearbook profile says, “ambition: lawyer.” So I guess I always wanted to be a lawyer!

Why did I want to study law in the UK?
Being a dual citizen, law school in England was an advantageous option. My love of politics, economics and current events, along with the fact I had lived in other countries led to an international mind-set and an eagerness to work and study in a cross-jurisdictional environment.

I knew that if I wanted to work in an international business/commercial law setting I needed an English law degree. This is where the University of Southampton and Norton Rose Fulbright comes in.

Why did I choose the University of Southampton?
Firstly, its reputation. The is university is a top 100 institution in the world and being part of the prestigious Russell Group makes it extremely attractive.

The university also provides a two-year graduate accelerated programme which has a Canadian focus and is tailored specifically for Canadian students. It is also very accommodating to international students.

Southampton offers the benefits of being by the coast but also the convenience of being so close to London and its international airports. The city also has a great open common and is close to the New Forest.

What does the law school offer?
Southampton does an excellent job working with local firms but also has great ties with top city and global legal practices like Norton Rose Fulbright.

The university holds law fairs, employability weeks and skills workshops; all of which prepares you for a career in law.

What did I do outside of academics at Southampton?
Whilst at Southampton I played for the Law football team, namely ‘Law Galaxy’. In my second year I was captain and was responsible for organising matches, training and social events.

One of the best things about the University is that it offers an abundance of clubs and sports teams for all types of people so get involved.

My Route to the Training Contract with Norton Rose Fulbright 
The University of Southampton provided me with a backbone of core legal skills. Working for a top city law firm is not for everyone. Some people prefer to work in a regional setting and establishing that early on will really help which firms you target and envision working at.

I knew that I wanted to work for a global legal practice with an international presence. I met Caroline Lindner, the Trainee Recruitment Manager at one of the Southampton law fairs in November. After attending an Open day I kept in contact with her throughout the process.

Norton Rose Fulbright was always my first option. With 5 offices in Canada and over 50 worldwide, the practice is truly international.

After graduating in June 2014, I went to the Middle East where I lived in Dubai for just over a month working as a legal intern for the airline Emirates. After that I worked as a legal intern for Spectris Plc in Egham, which is a FTSE 250 company. Both these internships followed up from the core skills I established at Southampton and put me in good standing for my training contract interviews.

In August I had my assessment day with Norton Rose Fulbright and was lucky enough to be offered a training contract with the practice that I wanted to join from day one. I am currently attending the Legal Practice Course at BPP University in London and will be joining the Norton Rose Fulbright in March.

My University Southampton Experience in a Nutshell?
Rewarding. In addition to the education I received, I was fortunate to have a great group of friends in my year, many of which remain friends today. If you are Canadian and looking for a world class law degree, look no further than Southampton. Everything you need is here.

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