Why Studying Law in the UK Is An Incredible Opportunity

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Studying law in the UK was an attractive option to me for a number of reasons. Now, after completing 1 year of my studies I can better discuss the advantages of choosing to study abroad. Firstly, the UK has many world-renowned universities, and this coincides with the level of education they wish to deliver. Being one of the oldest legal systems which has influenced many others around the world only increases the value of such an education from the UK. Secondly, a degree from the UK offers dual qualifications for both the UK Bar and Canadian Bar, giving you additional flexibility in your career options and the ability to practice law in both countries. Thirdly, the cultural experience of studying abroad is an opportunity to experience a new culture, make friends from around the world, and gain valuable life experiences that can shape your personal and professional growth.


I chose the University of Sussex for its location and reputation. Sussex is located just north of Brighton, a city located about an hour's train ride from London and only a half hour from Gatwick International Airport. Being in a fully developed city was also important to me as all potentially necessary services such as dry cleaners, grocery stores, general stores and public transportation will be easily accessible. This is indeed the case with Brighton, with a 24-hour bus system and active train system.


The city of Brighton offers a strong quality of life with many restaurants, grocers etc. The living accommodations on campus can vary. Some of the student residences are very old (specifically Lewes Court). I would recommend when requesting on-campus accommodations to ensure you have an ensuite bathroom. This would include the East Slope and Swanborough Residences. I lived in Swanborough, and while the rooms were not exceptionally clean on arrival, it was manageable and provided a reasonable quality of life.


Studying law in the UK exposes you to an international legal system and diverse perspectives. This can be particularly advantageous in today's interconnected world where cross-border legal issues are increasingly common. In addition, being close to Europe provides one with unique travel opportunities that may not be available to those studying in North America. A new perspective can change everything when moving abroad to study, I found this change in outlook essential to my academic success.


Brighton is a fun city due to its vibrant and diverse cultural scene, lively nightlife, and iconic beachfront attractions, including the famous Brighton Pier. It offers a unique blend of trendy cafes, boutique shops, and a welcoming atmosphere, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists seeking entertainment and excitement.


Across the Pond is an exceptional service available to Canadians who wish to study in the UK at no expense. They are extremely helpful and understanding of each student's needs (special thank you to my advisor for her fantastic help on my applications). They assist with your application at every step and offer experienced advice. They are not pushy and understand that applicants wish to work on their own timeline. I cannot recommend Across the Pond enough to those considering studying abroad.

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