Living In London, UK

Study Forensic Science in the UK - Across the Pond - Kingston University

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, I chose to pursue studies in the UK to experience life in a different part of the world. It has been a wonderful experience so far, learning about the difference in culture and experiencing so many new things. I love that there is always something to do in London.


My chosen MSc in Forensic Science was a great choice for me to learn more about a topic I am passionate about. There aren’t many options back home, so being able to student Forensic Science in London has been a dream! The university has many resources for our course, and I am thankful to have chosen Kingston University.


Studies in the UK are slightly different than they are from back home. The biggest difference I noticed is the grading scale compared to my Canadian University. In the UK, it is rare to receive above 80% on exams and coursework. A 70% is considered a distinction. Back home those just sound like average grades but here they are fantastic! My course has an average of 55% and this is quite normal across the university. I do feel that my previous studies in Canada have well prepared me for the changes to the grading scale here.

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