Senior Student Advisor


Queen Mary, University of London

  • BSc Physics (Carleton University, Canada)
  • BMath (Carleton University, Canada)
  • MSc Astrophysics (Queen Mary University of London, UK)


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What did you do before you started working for Across the Pond?

I have some retail experience from while I was in school, but what really lead me to the UK and Across the Pond was my academic experience and my desire to help people continue their own education. I have a BSc Physics and a BMath from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. When I was applying for a master's program, I contacted Across the Pond who put on the necessary expertise to be able to have an unforgettable year at Queen Mary University of London studying for an MSc Astrophysics.


Why did you decide to study in the UK?

Finding the exact program I wanted was a bit tricky in Canada, but there were lots of options in the UK. Pair that with the fact that Masters program was only 12-months instead of 2 years, who would turn down a chance to live in the UK for that?


Why do you like working for Across the Pond?

I like working for Across the Pond because it keeps me feeling connected to my own time studying in the UK. I can help students achieve the same dream of studying in the UK that I had and it’s very gratifying to see them so excited.


Why do you think people from Canada should study in the UK? 

There are a hundred benefits to studying abroad in the UK. Some are practical: degree programs are shorter, and so you can be out of school and enter the workforce quicker, and the UK offers a wide range of specialized programs to suit anyone's interests. Others are more subjective: the independent learning style of education, the rich historical culture, and the opportunity for personal growth. That said, my favourite benefit to studying in the UK is the opportunity to travel, both around the UK and even into Europe. It's fairly cheap and easy to get around, and so students are able to get the full-experience of travelling to new places while studying, which made my experience worthwhile all in itself.


Free entrance to museums, ample opportunities to sightsee and travel, ancient castles and churches, pubs, and the UK culture.

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