Senior Student Advisor


Kingston University

  • HBA English (Lakehead University, Canada)
  • MA English Literature (Kingston University London, UK) 


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What did you do before you started working for Across the Pond?

My studies in the UK are book-ended by a decade of working in sales, marketing, and management roles within high-pace retail environments. These roles involved promoting self-care products and connecting one-on-one with customers of all demographics to help them find the perfect product(s) for their individual needs. In addition to this, I worked in the seasonal travel and tourism industry where I promoted Ontario and its many sights and attractions across the province to tourists from around the world. My professional experiences do not directly align with my study interests, but throughout my undergraduate studies I developed a strong interest in Canadian contemporary literature and the ways that literature from around the world tends to intertwine nature and the human psyche within their texts. Towards the end of my degree, I decided that I wanted to continue studying literature in an academic setting. I sought out Across the Pond to provide more information about studying in the UK and make the application process easier for me.


Why did you decide to study in the UK?

Canadian written literature is (unsurprisingly) heavily influenced by English literature, particularly through its origins. While completing my undergraduate studies in Canada, I noticed a severe lack of study dedicated to Canadian literature (both written and oral), and I wanted to contribute to the academia surrounding the development of the Canadian literary canon while also understanding more about where it began. Of course, my love of travelling certainly contributed to my decision, and drove me to pursue literary studies in the UK rather than remaining in Canada – where better to study English literature than England?


Why do you like working for Across the Pond?

After completing my master’s degree, I continued working in the retail industry, but wanted to help customers on a deeper level. My unforgettable experience in the UK inspired me to seek employment opportunities with Across the Pond so that I can help other students pursue education in the UK and contribute to their personal growth and future career development. Through my previous work experiences, I developed strong communication skills, a deep care for my customers, and the empathetic listening skills to understand various situations and how they might impact individual needs. These skills not only made me a successful international student but make me a strong advisor as well! I love that Across the Pond combines my love of travel with my background in customer satisfaction. It allows me to connect with all kinds of students and discuss the benefits of studying and living abroad. I love growing my knowledge of our partner universities which will contribute to my overall knowledge of higher education in the UK, and the UK in general. My knowledge will ultimately have a significant impact on the personal and professional development of my students, and I love that I can be included in even a small portion of that process!


Why do you think people from Canada should study in the UK? 

I think it is important to understand the roots of your home-country – both the positives and the negatives. As a member of the Commonwealth, the origin of much of Canada’s names (cities, provinces), architecture, written literature, laws, and many other items can be traced back to the UK. Studying in the UK can help Canadians understand how the UK has directly impacted Canada’s development. The highly specialized education within the UK will help students develop necessary skills in research, independent study, and critical thinking to make meaningful contributions to Canada’s future development, and growth as a nation.


The incredible food scene, studying in the British Library, the ability to walk through history, Christmas markets, watching Pointless, pub quizzes.

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