London Eats

Apr 19, 2018 12:00:00 PM

When I first found out I was moving to London I was excited about all the historic sights I was going to see and the potential to travel around Europe so easily. What never occurred to me was the amazing food options this city has. I have learned (and so has my waistline) that the culinary options here go beyond just fish and chips, and that there is a crazy amount of food options that can lead you on a magical food journey throughout the city!


Here is a breakdown of some of my favourite spots to eat:

 ·    Bakeries

 Maison Bertaux

This place is a cute patisserie and is the oldest one in London! It began in 1871 and once you eat there you will know why it has been around for so long. It is small and quaint, but offers a large array of cakes, pastries, and tea/coffee. You can sit outside on the street if the weather is nice enough, or you can enjoy your treat inside if it is raining. I had a delicious latte and an amazing fruit custard tart that I still dream of!

 Latte and Custard TartMaison Bertaux








This bakery and café was founded in Stockholm but has brought its delicious sourdough to London. I went to their Covent Garden location but they also have stores in Hoxton, Notting Hill, and Fitzrovia. Their food is totally Instagram-able but this isn’t the only reason to go. I’m a sucker for a good cinnamon bun and this place did not disappoint. They also have cardamom buns and saffron buns that I have heard are good and I will definitely be heading back a second time to try these as well.



·      Breakfast

Greenberry Café

This place is situated in Primrose Hill amongst the many other independent shops. The breakfast (and weekend brunch) menu is server until 3pm which is amazing for all of you who like to sleep in like me! They have a ton of healthy options like quinoa porridge, eggs and avocado, or fresh fruit, but also not-so-healthy options like maple-glazed bacon, which as a Canadian I could not resist!



This neighbourhood café is a favourite amongst locals and I see why now. It has a laid-back atmosphere that lets you relax and feel comfortable while eating breakfast which is always nice early in the morning. They get great fresh cakes and bread from St John bakeries, and guest roasters offer up delicious coffee. The menu is ever changing, but from what I’ve experienced it is always great!


·         Greasy Spoon Cafes

(I’ve learned that this is a local term for a small, cheap restaurant or diner that offers the typical fried foods)

Regency Cafe

This place is the classic little diner that has retained its original tiling and atmosphere that has apparently been used as a filming location once or twice! The food is not extraordinary, but is tasty and reliable. I had my first steak pie here which was tasty, and they also serve chips and gravy which again was hard to resist as a poutine loving Canadian. To top it all off it is near the Tate Britain so you can head over for some art after a good meal.


Terry’s Café

This spot has a traditional look to it and has been around since 1982. They offer a great English breakfast which I have come to love and also have award winning sandwiches. They have old black and white photos on the wall that can keep you busy while you wait for your food, and offer food for both sit-ins and take away. Depending on the time of day you may have to queue outside but the staff are friendly and will try and get you in as quickly as they can. If you’re looking for a good traditional British meal this place will not disappoint.



There are so many great places to eat in London, I’m sure I could find a great new place every day – if only my student budget would allow it. If you want to experience