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Choosing to pursue further education is a big decision in and of itself, regardless of whether or not one also plans to pursue this education abroad. Without guidance it can be especially nerve-wracking to rely solely on your own understanding of the UK education system, the application processes, and the various reputations of its many universities. I am really glad that I came by Across The Pond before I embarked on the application process. Not only was their initial response to my queries expedient and informative but this rapport continued throughout my application and pre-departure process. My advisor was very helpful from providing feedback on my personal statement to explaining parts of the application process or education system that I did not fully understand. I found the information sent regarding visa applications and pre-departure considerations to also be of great convenience in the hectic months prior to my departure.

I am really pleased with the breadth of universities that Across The Pond represents, specifically the high proportion of those in the Russell Group. Studying law in the United Kingdom has far exceeded my expectations and I attribute that to the detailed information Across The Pond provides about their partner institutions. A UK law degree may seem like an unconventional route for Canadian students, however, with the proper guidance and research it will definitely be a rewarding experience. The quality of education and the high calibre of instruction here has served to reaffirm my choice in choosing to study law in the UK. For students looking to pursue the Graduate Entry (Senior Status) law programs I would strongly recommend thinking about whether you want to practice in the UK or gain accreditation in Canada as this will save you a lot of time and help to maximise your experience in the UK.

As well, living in right in central London has also been an unparalleled experience. There is plenty of extra-curricular activities for students both academic and non-academic. And while London does tend to have similar price-tags to other big cities there are always budget-friendly alternatives regardless of one's interests. 

In all, I am extremely thankful for all the help and guidance Across The Pond has provided and I would strongly recommend their services to anyone considering to pursue further education in the United Kingdom.

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