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Public Health is a subject that lends itself greatly to being studied at an international level due to its nature of concerning all humankind and the issues that can arise when disease or sickness breaches country borders. The UK in particular is a fascinating place to study Public Health due to its nationalized and government-funded healthcare and the impact it may have on society, both at a sociological and scientific level. This difference between the US and the UK is very appealing to US students and can help US students apply techniques utilized by the UK once they return to the US.

Undergraduate Study

At the undergraduate level students can expect to study a wide array of subject areas that pertain to Public Health, from sociology to politics, to history and even elements of pre-medicine. It’s a degree that has many facets and can be good for students who have many interests across these areas but perhaps can’t decide on one specific area of interest. It can also be a good background to have whilst leading up to post-graduate work in international relations or any degree in the public sphere.

Postgraduate study 

At the postgrad level, a Public Health masters is best if you want to pursue a career in public health management, policy development, research or advocacy in publicly funded health organizations (such as local and national government bodies or NGOs). Some unis will offer specializations ranging from Epidemiology (Nottingham) to Social Justice (Kings College London) and more. The proximity of the UK to surrounding European countries is a huge opportunity for global research to be carried out for the dissertation project and an excellent advantage to completing the degree in the UK.


We are currently partnered with 13 different unis that offer postgrad degrees in Public Health:


Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh


Swansea University


Durham University, University of Liverpool, Newcastle University, University of Nottingham, Oxford Brookes University, University of Southampton

University of York, City University London, Kings College London, Middlesex University, Queen Mary, University of London

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