Study a History Degree in the UK

History is a broad subject with much to offer. With such an expansive subject base to cover, history is one of the most inclusive topics.  Our partner universities provide history courses that cover a scope of cultures, times periods, and regions, offering some of Britain’s best history programs and expertise, to allow you to gain the best knowledge in whatever specialization you choose.

Studying history is not only studying human expansion, but cultural expansion, as well.  As our partner universities offer a plethora of history specializations, you are able to truly study the diversity of the world at it’s finest:  from cultural studies, such as art history, military and war studies, and museum studies, to period based history based on medieval, renaissance, or modern times.  Such broad regional historical study programs are offered, such as, but not limited to:

  • European History
  • African Studies
  • Egyptology
  • Irish History
  • Scandinavian History
  • and even American Studies.

History itself encompasses our entire past and our partner universities seek to explore and study that past with expansive knowledge and skilled research.

Undergraduate Study

Undergraduate programs can often times find combination courses in association with history studies.  Common combined courses include History and Business, History and English, History and Politics, History and Anthropology, History and Psychology, and History and Economics.  Admissions will vary from university to university, but AP scores in relevant subjects, such as US history, World History, and US Government will be expected.

Postgraduate Study

Postgraduate admissions also vary from university to university, and depending on the specialization of the subject, they will expect to see certain backgrounds in your chosen topic.  While you don’t necessarily need a degree in history or your chosen specialization, having a background with relevant interests will be helpful in the admissions process.

Interested in studying history at one of our partner universities?

Take a look at who offers history courses:


University of Aberdeen, University of Stirling, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow


Aberystwyth University, Swansea University


Bournemouth UniversityDurham University, University of East Anglia, University of Essex, University of Exeter, University of Hertfordshire, University of Kent, Lancaster University, University of Leeds, University of Leicester, University of Lincoln

University of Liverpool, Newcastle University, University of Nottingham, Oxford Brookes University, University of Reading, University of Sheffield, University of Southampton, University of Winchester, University of York

Brunel University, Kings College London, Kingston University, Queen Mary, University of London, Roehampton University, Royal Holloway University of London