Study a Drama Degree in the UK

To many, the United Kingdom is the birthplace of modern theatre and the mecca for anyone who wishes to study drama. With its rich history of Shakespeare, Marlowe, Stoppard, Coward and more, the UK is often seen as the place to not only visit the theatre, but also to study and explore as a student. The UK’s emphasis on and continued support for the theatre makes it an ideal place for aspiring drama and theatre students to pursue their studies, at both the undergrad and postgrad level. 

Undergraduate Study

Undergrad students can expect to be plunged right into the heart of theatre from day one. As UK undergrad degrees are far more focused and specialized, most students will experience acting on a regular basis and be given far more responsibility and roles as an undergrad than they would have at a US institution. In terms of technical and behind-the-scenes theatre, students will be given hands-on training much faster than they would as an undergrad in the states.

Many UG Drama or Theatre courses offer an array of specialties such as acting, directing, or even studying plays themselves from an English degree. Two of our partner universities, the University of Leeds and Oxford Brookes University, offer sandwich courses  which adds an additional year of study involving full-time work placement right in the theatre industry, often with playhouses or studios.

Postgraduate Study

At the postgrad level students can expect to be able to focus directly on specific areas of theatre they want to explore, from Staging Shakespeare (Exeter) to Dramaturgy (King’s College London) to many more. Most postgrad students have amazing access to theatre resources that professionals have, with the bonus of guidance from academics and seasoned actors or directors leading them through the course.

The dissertation is an opportunity for postgrad students to use all the resources at their disposal to direct their own play, perform a one-person show, write an academic paper on any element of theatre or drama they are interested in, or to design an entirely new final project of their choosing. 


We currently have 16 partner universities that offer Drama and Theatre courses at the post-grad or MA level of study:


Aberystwyth University


University of Essex, University of East Anglia, University of Exeter, Falmouth University, University of Kent, University of Leeds, University of Lincoln

University of Reading, University of Winchester, University of York, King’s College London, Queen Mary, University of London, Middlesex University

Roehampton University, Royal Holloway University of London