Study a Degree in Museum Studies at a UK University

Museum Studies is not something you may grow up wanting to study, however it is a fantastic way to learn about art, aesthetics, archaeological objects, business, and history all in one subject.  Even better, to be able to study it in a country that is rich with artifacts and culture.  Each of our partners that offers Museum Studies, brings something different to their respective programs.  It is important to know what you would like to focus on (art museums, business aspects of running a museum, classics, etc.) in order to make the right decision for yourself.

Undergradute Study

As an undergraduate student, you can expect more of a comprehensive program that focuses broadly on museums and another closely related subject.  This could be History of Art with Museum Studies at University of East Anglia or University of Leeds, or Museum and Classical Studies at University of Reading.  Interested in learning about and creating the exhibits that objects are displayed in?  Then University of Lincoln’s Design for Exhibition and Museums may be the choice for you.  This is a really great course for those of you who are interested in a certain historical/art subject, but would like to broaden the scope to master something else as well.  It also opens the door to many different master’s programs in the humanities subjects.

UG Partner Offerings:

  •  East Anglia
  • Leeds
  • Lincoln
  • Reading

Postgraduate Study

As a postgraduate student you can expect more of a focus on museum’s and galleries.  This can range from exhibit design, curation and management, classical objects, modern art, and many more.  Your dissertation is also your chance to focus in even more on a certain subject or time period that interests you. 

There are many opportunities to work with museums around the area, as well as get internships for term projects.  You will want to really study each of the programs that you are applying to, so as to choose one that encompasses the type of museum you would like to work at after your graduation. 

Some programs, like Kingston University, are geared towards art museums while others, such as Durham University, focus more on the scientific side of artifact curation and housing.  Many of these programs have the option of doing a dissertation or an end of year project, depending on what you are wanting to do post-study.


  • Aberdeen
  • Durham
  • East Anglia
  • Essex
  • Falmouth
  • Kent
  • Leeds
  • Leicester
  • Lincoln
  • Newcastle
  • Winchester
  • City
  • KCL
  • Kingston