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Across The Pond are partners with some of the top UK universities. Our partners regularly offer scholarships at both undergraduate and postgraduate level throughout the year.

We will also be launching Exclusive Across The Pond Partner Scholarships of a variety of monetary values from February 2017. The Partner Scholarships provide a unique opportunity for students, as applications are assessed based on a combination of creativity, financial need and a belief that the chosen course/institution is the right fit for the applicant, rather than strictly on academic merit as in the majority of scholarship programs.

So far, the following universities have committed to providing scholarships for students starting their studies in the fall of 2017:

  • Brunel University: Offering ten 3000 GBP scholarships to Canadian students studying a three year undergraduate degree or on the two-year MSc Physiotherapy. Special instructions are in place for the Brunel scholarships - please contact your Across The Pond advisor now to make sure you are identified as an Across The Pond applicant and increase your chances of success.
  • University of Chester: Offering one 1000 GBP scholarship to an undergraduate student from Canada for the first year of study.
  • University of East Anglia: Offering three 2000 GBP scholarships to postgraduate students from Canada.
  • University of Kent: Offering one 5000 GBP scholarship to a graduate student from either the US, Canada or Norway (Special instructions are in place for applying to this scholarship. Please ask your advisor for more information)
  • Oxford Brookes University: Offering two 1,000 GBP scholarships to North American Master’s students, two £1,000 scholarships to North American undergraduate students, along with two £1000 scholarships to North American Pathway students. Additionally, one £1,000 scholarship is available exclusively to an MA Music student and one £1,000 scholarship to an MSc Cancer Studies student from the US or Canada. Please note that undergraduate scholarships are for the first year only.
  • Swansea University: Offering one undergraduate scholarship of 4000 GBP to a US or Canadian student for the first year of study.
  • University of Worcester: Offering ten 1000 GBP scholarships to undergraduate or postgraduate students from Canada.

If you are interested in studying in the UK and would like to find out if there are any opportunities or to register your interest in an Exclusive Across The Pond Partner Scholarship to get your tuition fees partly covered, then Enquire Today and one of our UK Study Experts will be in touch soon with more information. The application link will be sent to Across The Pond applicants in February.