Canada student scholarships across the pond

Great news! Several of Across the Pond’s excellent partner universities are offering scholarships that are exclusive to students who use Across the Pond’s services. While these universities regularly offer scholarships to international students, the universities listed below wish to give Across the Pond applicants an additional funding opportunity via our Across the Pond Partner Scholarships. 

The Across the Pond Partner Scholarships are quite different from the typical scholarship.  We want to give students the opportunity to have fun with their applications.  Therefore, instead of the traditional scholarship essay, we have created a new video competition for these opportunities.

Please tell us why you deserve this scholarship in a creative and engaging way. We want to you to share your excitement and enthusiasm for your upcoming studies in the United Kingdom. Also, tell us what makes you stand out as an applicant!

You’ll be required to submit a 2 to 4 minute video that helps us understand why your chosen university program is the right fit for you.  What do you think you’ll get out of the opportunity? If you have a great need for scholarship funding in order to be able to study in the UK, you are welcome to mention that as well.

The following partner universities have committed to providing scholarships for Across the Pond students starting their studies in the fall of 2018:

  • University of Chester: Offering one £2,500 scholarship to an undergraduate or graduate student from the USA or Canada for the first year of study.
  • Cranfield University: Offering six £4,000 scholarships to graduate students from the USA and Canada (eligible for certain programs only - please contact your advisor to see which programs are eligible).
  • University of Hertfordshire: Offering four scholarships to US and Canadian students: one £4,000 scholarship, one £2,000 scholarship, and two £1,000 scholarships. Available to any 2 of the following 3 options: An undergraduate student (1st year only), an undergraduate student (all three years), a graduate student. 
  • University of Huddersfield: Multiple scholarships of £3,000 (£3,000 1st year, then 2,000 per following year)Available to undergraduate and graduate students from the US and Canada.

We’re also delighted to say that Across the Pond itself is offering its own scholarships. The same rules apply, and (if you’re applying to one or more of the universities above) you can apply for more than one scholarship opportunity as long as you create a unique entry for each one.

  • Across the Pond: 2 scholarships (one £3,000 and one £2,000). Available to any two Across the Pond students from Canada, regardless of university or level of study.

To apply, please complete this application form by May 25, 2018.

Across the Pond will select semi-finalists from March 15th; however, you can apply until the May deadline. Please specify which scholarship you’re applying for on the form—you can apply for more than one, but must apply separately for each opportunity.

If you’re a semi-finalist, your video will be posted to Across the Pond’s voting pages. You’ll then want to share it with your family and friends to get votes. The video(s) for each scholarship opportunity with the most votes by May 25th will win!

PLEASE NOTE: Across the Pond Scholarship winners must hold an offer from one of our partner universities in order to actually claim the prize.  The winners of the university-specific scholarships must hold an offer from the university to which the scholarship belongs in order to claim the prize.  Across the Pond students are eligible for both the Across the Pond scholarship and a university-specific scholarship.

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