27 April 2016

The University of Reading has earned recognition in the latest QS World Rankings, including (UK ranking in brackets):

  • 12 for Agriculture (1st in UK)
  • 29 for Archaeology (8th in UK)
  • 42 for Development Studies (13th in UK)
  • Top 100 for Environmental Sciences (12th in UK) and Geography (24th in UK)
  • Top 150 for Linguistics (17th in UK) and English Language & Literature (28th in UK)
  • Top 200 for Philosophy (22nd in UK), Modern Languages (25th in UK), Accounting & Finance (23rd in UK), Business & Management Studies (24th in UK), Education (27th in UK), Economics & Econometrics (19th in UK) and Law (26th in UK)

If you're interested in studying at Reading, you still have time to apply for the Fall 2016 year! Contact your personal advisor today, or enquire here to speak to a member of our team about Reading and all that it offers.