5 April 2016

The University of York offers the following opportunities for prospective Postgraduate students in a variety of fields to meet with them:

Online Chat for Postgrads:

  • Physics Research Students (Master's & Phd) - Tuesday 12 April, 4-5pm GMT
  • Politics, Economics, and Philosophy (PEP) Students -  Tuesday 13 April, 4-5pm GMT
  • Computer Sciences Students - Thursday 14 April, 4-5pm GMT

York also offers a variety of funding opportunities for postgraduates, including:

  • One AHRC fee-waiver bursary to a candidate commencing a Master's degree in PEP in 2016 (Deadline 6 May 2016)
  • Scholarships for Overseas Students (SOS) for Master's and PhDs - a 25% discount of tuition fees (Deadline 30 April 2016)
  • Overseas Research Scholarships (ORS) for PhDs only - funds towards tuition fees and living costs (Deadline 30 April 2016)

Please note that you need an offer letter from the Departments/University before you can apply for these scholarships.

To find out more about these opportunities, contact your student advisor, or, if you do not yet have a personal advisor, enquire here and mention this post. We're always happy to help!