2 October 2017

Imagine sitting in your University lecture, when one of your fellow students gets ‘dragged out’ of a lecture by masked militia-men because they have become ‘infected’, that was the scenario played out during a ‘gamified’ psychology module at Bangor University recently. Gamification’ is when non-game activities are designed to be like a game.

Dr Rebecca Sharp, who has devised the module, believes it to be the only course at any university to involve extensive use of ‘gamification’. If early results are correct, it’s not only engaging the students, it’s also helping them gain a deeper understanding of Behaviour Analysis, the module’s topic.

Sam Webb, 20, from Oxfordshire in England, studying Psychology with Neuropsychology said: “At the first lecture we were scanned in as if being screened for infection, told to remain silent by people dressed up like soldiers, and the room was kitted out in camouflage. It was incredible. I was impressed by how well the dystopian theme was thought-out, all encompassing and well related to module content, it was not just used as a gimmick, it was directly related and a valuable part of the module.”