16 May 2016

On Friday 6 May 2016, the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) became the first-ever institutional recipient of the prestigious ECU Honour award. The award "recognises outstanding service and leadership to the chiropractic profession in Europe."* This award recognizes the contributions of the college, now in its 51st year, to its community and field of practice.

The influence of the college is also evident in the number of practitioners it trains. As a recent press release for the college remarks, "It is anticipated that just over half of chiropractors practising in Europe hold a professional qualification from the AECC. The excellence in quality of education, as well as the clinical training and research, have cemented the AECC as a pillar of the chiropractic community. A trusted institution, which continues to expand into new areas of health care and the integration of chiropractic into main stream healthcare."