31 January 2017

Across The Pond has partnered with seven of its partner universities to offer Across The Pond students ONLY the chance to win a scholarship.

This isn’t your typical scholarship application, however.

While we are interested in understanding your financial need, we are more interested in your excitement about studying in the UK. In other words, this is a fun application!

Show us why you deserve this scholarship in a way that uniquely reflects you as a student.  Share your enthusiasm and excitement for this coming adventure in a creative, entertaining way. 

Perhaps you’ll conduct an interview with yourself; perhaps you’ll share a story with pictures; perhaps you’ll create a video. Perhaps you aren’t very confident in your creativity. Don’t worry – we are confident your story will be interesting, so have fun with it and give it a go! Show us why you’re pursuing this opportunity, your eagerness to study at your chosen university and what you hope to get out of the experience. 

Not sure what we mean?  Check out past winners here:

We will start accepting applications on February 1st.  The deadline for all applications is May 1st.  Winners will be announced after the deadline. 

You can find more information about which universities are participating and how much they are offering here

Complete an application here.