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The students are wonderful and the staff were welcoming

Moving away from home and into student halls is a big change. Will you miss your family? Yes. Will you miss your dog? Don't even get me started. But the transition can be even more daunting if home and student halls are 4,000 miles apart. From looking the wrong way before I crossed the street to burning my dinner because I got Fahrenheit and Celsius mixed up, there were certainly a few extra obstacles in my way when I moved to NCH. 

But the brilliant part was that I was moving to NCH. The students are wonderful, the staff were welcoming, and one particularly lovely second year gave me a crash course in British English. Apparently 'Did you pull?' has nothing to do with how you opened a door. Leaving home is certainly hard, but if you're leaving for NCH, you'll be in great hands!

Ben  Berry

New College of the Humanities (NCH)