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Diverse student body

I actually had the opportunity to study at The University of Nottingham in my undergraduate studies as part of an exchange program with my home university (Concordia University). The University of Nottingham is one of the only schools to offer a course that includes two interdependent topics such as corporate strategy and governance.

Coming from overseas the scholarships I received made it more affordable for me to study at such a well-established institution, which is at the forefront of research and practical, relevant knowledge. I love The University of Nottingham - it’s got a very diverse study body, which is an essential for students like myself to interact and build a larger global network.

Firstly, I’d recommend bringing a raincoat and be prepared to get wet. The UK doesn’t have the most favourable weather forecasts. Secondly, be prepared to read and read and read. Finally, embrace the English culture and be very outgoing to make the most of your experiences in Nottingham. I am hoping to work in taxation upon completing my postgraduate degree.

Philip  Kligman