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I studied LLB (Accelerated 2 year Programme) within Southampton Law School at the University of Southampton.

Before I applied to university, I applied to undertake a mini-pupillage (shadowing a barrister) in London with Red Lion Chambers. During my mini-pupillage I learned a lot about the law in the UK and how internationally connected the UK is with Europe and the rest of the world. It is this international connection that prompted me to study in the UK.

I also wanted to study abroad because I had completed my first degree in Toronto and decided that it was time for a change of scene.

Initially I planned on returning to Canada after I had completed my Law degree. I knew the University of Southampton offered a Canadian Constitutional Law module in my final year and I figured that it would help me write my NCA exams when I went back to Canada.

I have been very lucky to have awesome lecturers in my first year. I personally love the motivation that the teaching staff gives its students. Many of my lecturers and tutorial leaders speak to us as lawyers of the future – not as first year students who are not expected to know anything. This encourages me to do well in my courses because it shows that the staff believes in me to represent the university proudly.

“You want to study hard in order to choose your career and not let your career choose you”. This excellent quote was made by Professor James Davey in one of our Contract Law lecturers. This exemplifies the inspiration that the Law staff gives their students.

Living in the UK has been brilliant but expensive. I would advise future students and candidates to budget your money well.

By living in Southampton, and in the UK in general, I have been exposed to a completely different culture than what I am used to back home. I love how passionate the football (soccer) fans are here in both Southampton and the UK. I like the pub culture and the sarcastic sense of humour British people have.

Another major perk of living in the UK is that mainland Europe is extremely close. Flights to different countries such as Spain, France, Belgium, Italy are extremely cheap.

I have found it very easy to make friends. I have joined numerous societies such as the Law Society, Inns of Court Society, and Lawyers without Borders and I currently play for the Southampton Spitfires Ice Hockey team.

Joining various societies and sports teams is the best way to make friends within your course and throughout the university.

Given my awesome experience and love for the country, I have elected to write a dissertation instead of doing the Canadian Constitutional law module in my final year – despite coming here for that particular course in mind. I have made this decision because I plan on remaining here after I graduate. I plan to graduate and qualify as a sports lawyer in London and work at either a private firm such as Bird & Bird LLP or as an in-house lawyer at a big named football club.

Despite popular belief, as I have mentioned before, the University of Southampton has an Ice Hockey team. If you come over (regardless of whether you are a male or female) bring some equipment and come play! It is a great way to meet more Canadians that study in Southampton and the UK.

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