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Studying in the UK: The essential facts for Canadian students

Kent, University of

Kent is a leading research-intensive university based in the south-east of England and continental Europe. With its main campuses in Canterbury and Medway (less than an hour from London), and graduate centers in Brussels, Paris, Athens and Rome, the University of Kent has an international reputation for academic excellence, inspirational teaching and a fantastic student experience.

The university is consistently rated as one of the best schools in the UK in the National Student Survey and other key university rankings. In the UK Government’s Research Excellence Framework, Kent was placed 17th in the UK for its research intensity, with all academic schools and centers producing research rated as world leading or internationally excellent.

Kent is dedicated to helping its students gain a head start for when the time comes to begin or develop a career. The university places a strong focus on graduate employability and skills acquisition and have established a number of initiatives, including a careers and employability advisory service, an employability points scheme, the Global Skills Award, Language Express (providing language learning for all students), a student enterprise hub, an on-campus JobShop, and a volunteering credit scheme. And these initiatives work: more than 95% of Kent students who graduated in 2015 were in work or further study within six months.

These activities include a careers and employability advisory service, award systems such the Employability Points Scheme and the Global Skills Award, Language Express – providing language learning for all, Kent Round One – a student enterprise hub, the on campus JobShop and Volunteering credit scheme, and Go Abroad – providing flexible short-term study and work abroad opportunities.

All students at Kent have access to a wide range of personal support services. These include: the Medical Centre on the Canterbury campus, the Counselling Service; the Disability and Dyslexia Support Service, with a team of tutors and support assistants, a multi-faith and ecumenical Chaplaincy team, and day nurseries. Kent also provides comprehensive academic support facilities, including the Student Learning Advisory Service, which provides free study support and advice.

Colleges within the University of Kent

  • Eliot, named after the poet T. S. Eliot
  • Rutherford, named after the physicist Ernest Rutherford
  • Keynes, named after the economist John Maynard Keynes
  • Darwin, named after the biologist Charles Darwin
  • Woolf, named after the writer Virginia Woolf

Why study at the University of Kent

Student life at Kent is lively and cosmopolitan. Students studying at Canterbury and Medway enjoy their respective campuses as the center of their academic, personal and social life. Both campuses are home to accommodation, social and leisure facilities. The Canterbury campus hosts the annual festivals, WorldFest and Keynes Stock. Medway students make use of the nearby Medway Park, a sports facility which doubles as an Olympic training camp. Students in Brussels, Paris, Rome and Athens are able to make use of the cultural, artistic and political access of these major cities, with Kent centers based in the heart of each city.

Kent enjoys partnerships with prestigious universities across North America and is a favorite destination for Junior Year Abroad students, and for students who wish to study in Canterbury for just a semester. The Junior Year Abroad (JYA) program allows you to choose from a wide range of modules at Kent.

The university is currently home to over 200 students from North America.

To learn more and to apply for undergraduate or graduate courses at the University of Kent, please register with an Across The Pond Advisor today.

Student Population: 19,665

City Population: 43,432 (Canterbury - 2001)

Date of Establishment: 4 January 1965

Location: Canterbury, England with campuses in Medway, Brussels, Paris, Athens

Centres of Excellence: Law, Business, Computing, Biosciences, Arts, Drama, English, Languages, Archaeology, Architecture, Conservation, Environmental Science, Sports Science, Pharmacy, Journalism, Physics, Electronic Engineering, Digital Design, Criminology

Cost of Tuition per year: from £15,200 per year (2018/19)

Estimated Living Costs: £190-£400 per week, including accommodation

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There are lots of places to eat, drink, and socialize on campus so you never have to go far.

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Why I love the University of Kent

Discover University of Kent's inspirational locations & facilities

There are lots of places to eat, drink, and socialize on campus so you never have to go far. ...

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