Everything you need to know about ATP Kick Offs

This is an Across the Pond event exclusively for our partners, where students, parents/friends, universities and ATP advisers can meet face to face. During this evening event students will get the chance to learn more about each university, how to finance their studies and to meet with their personal adviser, while the universities are given a unique opportunity to present themselves and their courses. We invite all students and school councillors in the region to this event.

The Kick Offs will be divided up into 2 parts:

1. Presentations:
ATP staff will start off with the ATP presentation (30min) then the universities attending will each have 30 minutes for their presentation. 

The presentation should focus on the university. You will need to bring your own presentation on a USB stick if you want to use graphics. There will be a PC and projector available for you to use. Please get in touch if you require sound etc., so that we can try to arrange this with the venue in advance. 

2. Q&A session:
For the last 30 minutes of the Kick Off there will be an opportunity for the students to ask questions and mingle with the universities. 

The students
Please note that for the Kick Offs students will only register with ATP and you will not be provided with lists of students signing up like at the Destination Britain events. However, we would encourage you to write down the names and emails of students you speak to if you want to do your own follow up after the event.

Venues and times can be found here. To sign up, click here.

For the Kick Offs in Oslo and Sandefjord you should expect to fly into Oslo. Note that Ryanair flies from Stansted to Torp (Sandefjord), 120 km from Oslo (so add an additional 2 hours to get to and from Oslo for this). There is a regular bus service from Torp to Oslo – www.torpexpressen.no. Ryanair also flies into Rygge (Moss), about 1 hour from Oslo. There is a regular bus service into Oslo - www.ryggeexpressen.no.

From Gardermoen (main airport) there are buses and trains every 20 minutes to and from Oslo. Please note that taxis are very expensive. A taxi to the centre of Oslo will probably cost from 100-300 pounds. There is a frequent airport express train which is much cheaper and at least as quick (about GBP 20 and 20 minutes), and buses go into the centre of Oslo every 30 minutes as well.

For Kick Offs in Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Tromsø and Ålesund you might find direct routes or routes with a connecting flight in Oslo. 

The cheaper hotels are usually the Thon Hotels and Scandic Hotels.

If you need any advice, please do not hesitate to contact Siri

Shipping Instructions
Please note that it will not be possible to ship anything to the venue in advance. 

Moreover, we do not recommend shipping any materials. We have produced an ATP prospectus where your institution has a 2 page spread profile and the key facts. You will have an unlimited supply of these at the events. We suggest bringing a few subject specific leaflets if you have these for the most popular areas, or the areas you are particularly trying to promote. You can naturally also bring a few prospectuses for reference of UG and PG areas and perhaps a handful to give out to those who have already applied or who are extremely keen. Generally speaking prospectuses just tend to confuse the students though unless they are tailored to international or Norwegian students.

If you decide to ship materials, you should ship them to your hotel.

Please note that you are welcome to bring a full size banner. ATP prospectuses will be available, however you can bring a few copies of university prospectuses as well. We will provide ATP contact information stickers if you decide to bring your own prospectus. 

Food and Drink
Both of these are expensive in Norway, particularly the latter. 

If you like a drink at the end of a hard day (and expenses do not cover it), make sure to buy a bottle or two in Duty Free when coming over (you can shop in the green non-EU section). A beer will typically cost you about 6-8 pounds in an average pub. A glass of wine about 6-10 pounds and a spirit-based drink about 8-15 pounds. Hotel bars are always at the expensive end of the scale.

A typical meal for one person at an average restaurant (including pizza-places) will be in the region of 5-15 pounds for a starter, 10-30 pounds for a main dish and approx. 7-10 pounds for dessert. Drink prices as above. Add 20-50% for a rather smart establishment and deduct about 25% for more fast food oriented restaurants. An average sit-down restaurant would charge about 10-15 pounds for a starter an around 20-30 for a main course. A bottle of wine will be around 30-40 pounds and assume around 10 pounds per drink. So think about it before offering to get a round!

For more information about the Norwegian education market, please also read this.