Why You Should Consider Studying Outside London

London is an amazing city full of history, there’s no denying that. There is so much to do, so much to see, and it’s the capital of England. What’s not to love? It’s so amazing, that people often forget there are other cities that are just as, if not more, amazing in the UK. This is a list of reasons why you should consider studying outside of London, and maybe consider some other cities (or countries!) to be your home away from home!

The Cost

Let’s just get this one out of the way. Studying in the UK is expensive no matter what, but the cost of living in London is the highest. Why not look at other cities with lower costs of living, save some money, and then use it for a trip to London instead?

(via UnSplash, Corey Agopian)


There are so many cities in the UK that have simpler transportation for you to get to and from campus. I studied in Edinburgh, and never once got stuck in rush hour traffic. Why spend time stuck in London traffic when you could be studying (or really, out exploring)?

(Glen Coe, taken by me)


Sure, London is a beautiful city, but does it have the hills of Scotland or scenery of Wales? Living in cities like Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Newcastle, and many more, it is so much easier to escape the city and spend the day out in nature, just exploring.


London is in the South of England, so it’s pretty far to travel to get to other parts of the UK. You could go to school somewhere like York, in the middle of England, and be able to travel easily to London, but also to Scotland, Wales, and tons of cities throughout the UK. Sure, you can fly almost anywhere from London, but wouldn’t you rather be able to take a day trip on the train to another city?


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London is a very touristy city. That’s probably why you want to study there, right? Sure, there’s a ton to see, and the Royal Family is super close by, but ultimately, you are in the UK to study. Maybe you want to go to a university where you won’t have to push through crowds of tourists to get to class, and there are plenty of other cities in the UK that are great for this! Glasgow, Aberdeen, Leeds, Essex, and more are all beautiful cities full of things to do and see, without the overpopulation. Go to London to be a tourist, not to dodge them!


London is a pretty great city, which is why everyone wants to study there. Why not check out a school or city that maybe isn’t as studied at, and have even more amazing stories for your family and friends back home! Sure, maybe no one you know has ever heard of Chester, but they’ll be dying to go by the time you’ve finished studying there. See new parts of the world, and learn something new about the UK; there’s more to it than just London!

Ultimately, the choice is yours. London is an amazing city, and if that’s what your heart is set on, good for you! Just know, there are so many cities in the UK that have so much to offer, and you should give those a chance!

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