Why I Chose to Study Law in the UK

By Kiranpreet Basra

Studying law has always been my dream, however studying in the UK was never in my mind until I learned about Across the Pond. ATP provided me with the information that helped make me come to the UK possible.

At first, I was nervous to come to the UK and start school in a new country with new people however, my ATP advisor helped to make me feel comfortable and prepared with always answering my questions and concerns. She made me feel confident in the decision to study law in the UK with her fast and assuring replies.  

Studying in the library

I go to the University of Leicester and the reason why I chose to study here is the large presence of Canadian students. Leicester has the largest Canadian population compared to other schools in the UK and due to this our Canadian Law Society is also the largest. This was definitely one of the factors that made me come to the UK and choose Leicester. The Canadian Law Society helps us to go back to Canada prepared. There are various academic sessions for LLM programs, as well as NCA sessions. Through these sessions, coming to the UK makes you feel less worried for when you go back home. Moving to the UK is a big deal, however, because I am still surrounded by Canadians it helped to make the transition easier. I am doing the 2-year JD Pathway program, and this appealed to me as Canadian programs are 3 years. In 2 years here, I will be able to learn law, travel and grow into an independent individual.

My favourite tea place

Our Canadian law originated from the UK and professors here do touch on Canadian, as well as American law. At Leicester, we are also required to take 2 courses in Canadian law which helped to reassure me when I come back to Canada that I won’t be at a disadvantage. There are many support systems here as well, such as personal tutors and weekly tutorials. The personal tutors are here to offer us guidance while we are here, so we don’t feel too alone. The tutorials have around 8 people in them and we go through specific questions to help deepen our understanding on specific classes and topics. 

Overall, there are many reasons I chose to study in the UK such as the length of the program, the large Canadian presence, and the travelling aspect. I am really glad I chose University of Leicester as I truly feel like I fit in here, and the program so far has been amazing. I am also planning many trips with other Canadians which is something that has definitely been on my bucket list and is now being fulfilled. I am so thankful for Across the Pond as they made my transition to the UK so smooth, as well as making me feel prepared and assured that this decision was the best for me.

Trip to the Birmingham Christmas Market

If you would like to get more information, please contact an Across the Pond advisor, you will not regret it! As said above, my advisor answered ALL my questions (no matter how stupid they were) and all my concerns were addressed. ATP also provided webinars for the visa process and what to expect in the UK which truly helped me and my family in feeling like I knew what I was getting myself into. Once again, click here for more information.