Why I chose to study in the UK

by Kaley Dallaire

I knew I wanted to study abroad since high school. After visiting a few historic universities while on a trip to Spain I knew I would one day move to somewhere in Europe to study. I have family who studied in the UK and while Spain was my inspiration to study abroad, the UK was always in the back of my mind. When I saw Across the Pond at my university’s postgraduate studies fair, I immediately knew I had to connect with an advisor to start my application process.

Newcastle University

The UK is a great place to study and there are many reasons I ultimately decided to come here to complete my MSc.

Quality of education

  • One major bonus with studying in the UK is that it will make you stand out when applying for jobs back in Canada. When applying for jobs you will be recognized above other applicants due to your education.
  • Some of the world’s top universities reside in the UK. The university that I am studying at happens to be a Russell Group university, which is sort of like the UKs version of Ivy League. Some other Russell Group universities include Oxford and Cambridge!

Shorter program length

  • This was another major bonus for me when looking into studying in the UK. At home my program would be 2+ years but here it’s only 1. I will be completing my masters before many of my friends back home even start theirs.
  • Having a shorter program also means that in the long run I am may end up saving money. Rather than paying for 2 or more years’ worth of tuition I only have to pay for one year.

Access to travel

  • From the city I live in I am able to travel very easily across the UK. After just 1.5 hours on the train I’m able to go to Edinburgh and just 3 hours on the train to London! I often have Friday and Monday off school so I can easily do a day trip or spend a weekend in either city.
  • Beyond that, international travel is much more affordable and accessible here as everything is much closer than it is back in Canada. You can travel to most places by train as well, so there is no need to go through the often hectic process of air travel. 
Buckingham Palace from A Weekend in London
Buckingham Palace from A Weekend in London

Change and adventure

  • I have lived in the same province my whole life and by the time I had completed my undergraduate degree I was ready for a change. I knew I wanted to go to grad school right away, but I also wanted to be able to travel and experience other ways of life. Studying in the UK has let me have all of that. Not only do I get the change I desired and the adventures I wanted to have, but I can do it while also completing my masters.


  • A reason I wanted to study in the UK is because of the history. This may be something that is more subjective, but I love old architecture, castles, and being able to feel the history of a place just by walking down the street. There is no shortage of that here, and every day I am amazed by how old and historic everything is here.
View of Newcastle Upon Tyne from the top of the Castle
View of Newcastle Upon Tyne from the top of the Castle

How easy Across the Pond makes the process

  • This was a major reason I ended up applying for school in the UK. Having an advisor to work with during the whole process made it much easier. It was even easier for me to apply in the UK than it would have been applying to school in Canada because of all the help I received.
  • While you still have to pick universities, make a CV, write your personal statement, and collect reference letters your advisor really does the rest. They take away a lot of the stress and confusion that comes with applying to university in another country by putting an application together, helping with the visa process, and always being there to answer questions.  

These reasons (and many others) are why I chose to study in the UK. If you’re also interested in studying in the UK and these reasons appeal to you, contact an Across the Pond advisor to learn more and to begin your applications!

Russell group:
Across the Pond advisor: https://ca.studyacrossthepond.com/enquire