Top Tips To Study Abroad In The UK Safely

Feb 13, 2017 1:00:00 AM

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One aspect of studying abroad our students and parents ask us about is the safety of the university and town they will be moving to. Of course, in any country there are places that are more safe than others, but generally the UK is known to be a safe place to live and study. It’s always an option to ask any preferred universities for any safety precautions put in place around campus, such as emergency call boxes, all night university transportation and so on.

So, once a student has moved to a new university in strange town in a foreign country, these tips may come in handy to make them feel safe and comfortable in their new surroundings…

Keep copies of personal details

Before making the journey across the pond, a student should ensure copies are made of their passport and visa confirmation. Even though they have the real things, the documents are often needed for proof of identity or confirming a student’s temporary residential status, so it’s best to hold onto copies just in case.

Insure your things

If a student is staying in university accommodation, it is likely that the halls fee includes insurance on possessions. We urge students to check if this is the case, and if not, get house or travel insurance that covers their things. Some great comparison sites include:

In case of emergencies…

A student may never need to make use of this information, but it’s good to know who to contact in case of emergencies. Every country has different protocols, and it’s important to have the information at hand. Here are the phone numbers to keep note of…

  • Police, fire brigade or ambulance: dial 999
  • To report an accident, or incident that is not an emergency: dial 101 OR ask someone at the university to contact the local police station
  • The NHS offers an enquiry line for less urgent medical queries and can advise if you need to seek further assistance and where to go: dial 111

Plan your route home

Being a student means plenty of evenings out and coming home late, organizing a way of getting home should be prioritized. Depending on where the university is located, travel options can vary. However, there are always plenty of choices! Students should keep a local taxi number saved in their phone, or if they’re in a city where Uber operates, the app is a useful download. Often the university or town/ city will have night buses running; note down where the nearest bus stop is, and the number to catch.

If a student’s home is walking distance from where they are heading out, we always encourage to head back in a group, and never alone! Lastly, students should make sure their phone is fully charged before going out, to avoid being stuck somewhere with a dead battery!

Although students will be on an adventure of a lifetime, being aware of how to stay safe during their UK studies will ensure they keep enjoying this amazing experience. For more information on studying in the UK and keeping safe, download our Studying in the UK: The Parents’ Guide or enquire with a UK Study Expert.

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