The pros and cons of doing a Master’s degree in the UK

Apr 15, 2015 7:00:00 PM


For many college students, earning a Bachelors degree is both an ending and a beginning. It’s the end of years of hard work, culminating in a degree that is valuable to your career and personal growth.

But when your undergraduate work ends, the possibilities associated with postgraduate work are now on the horizon. It’s time to start considering your options.

While there are graduates who will take their chances and jump right into the workforce, there are others who will choose to increase their employability by continuing their education and pursuing a Master’s degree.

What is a Master’s degree?

A Master’s is a postgraduate degree awarded to individuals who complete additional studies in their field and a sign of subject matter expertise.

It is also a sign of an individual who has committed to learning and personal growth. and offers an advantage for those searching for jobs, as it demonstrates an independence that only students that have self-taught the art of research will understand.

How it can help you


Pursuing postgraduate work can assist in your career and your ability to promote. Sometimes, employers will consider advanced education an indicator of your focus, determination, and superior intelligence.

The degree can be a challenging course of study, and many individuals balance work, family, and school in order to achieve it. This type of perseverance indicates to employers your ability to multitask, prioritize, and meet a demanding, rigorous schedule. All of these qualities are valuable to successful employees who contribute to successful companies.

Postgraduate studies will also benefit you in terms of personal growth and satisfaction. There’s no bigger boost to your confidence than earning a degree and listing your educational accomplishment on a CV or resume. It’s proof of your motivation to learn and your desire to better yourself.

It’s an achievement that can never be taken away from you. You’ve earned it, for life.

Prestigious UK degrees

The decision to continue your education is huge, but a bigger decision is deciding where to earn your Master’s degree. While there’s sure to be several options close to home, the UK has some of the top Universities in the world and studying abroad has never been more accessible or beneficial.

There are a number of degree options at a UK university and no matter what degree you choose, the program will be oriented towards a professional career and totally subject matter immersive.

You may pursue a degree in any number of fields, such as education and engineering.

The taught Master’s focuses on seminars and lectures to build upon the knowledge you acquired through your undergraduate degree. The Research Master’s is an in-depth-studies process, focusing more on independent learning. Both options generate superior knowledge and understanding of your chosen field.

Quicker and cheaper Master’s


A Master’s degree in the UK can be finished in one short year, which means you will spend one less year in university. Although the cost of the course is about the same compared to Canadian universities, the chance to expand your horizons and network too are priceless.

The cost of an internationally recognized UK degree is equivalent to Canadian programs, and you’ll find housing and transportation to be more than affordable in comparison too.

The next step in your life

The decision to earn a postgraduate degree is life changing and career enhancing. And you will find that earning your degree in the UK is not just a good option; it also means you could be studying at one of the top universities in the world.

Cost effective, time efficient, and professionally prestigious, a UK degree is the best investment you can make for yourself.


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