Introducing our 2016 -17 Across The Pond Student Ambassadors

Sep 1, 2016 11:11:06 AM

Meet our new Across The Pond Ambassadors! We are pleased to welcome 13 of our students to write some great stories about their UK study adventures over the next academic year. But first, let’s introduce them…

Why did you choose to study in the UK…?

Alec Pierce – studying a Bachelor’s in Sports Management at Bournemouth University

“I chose to study in the UK because I wanted to have an adventure while studying sports management in the most soccer-friendly country of the world.”

Alexandra Hutterer – studying a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and Journalism at Chester University

“Going to University is a fun and exciting once in a lifetime endeavor, and I wanted to step out of the box…. America, Shmerica!”

Alex Elsey – studying a Master’s Public Relations & Corporate Communications at Kingston University

“One of the key aspects of being a great communicator is understanding how (and why) people think and act the way they do. As an undergraduate, I took as much research, psychology, and consumer behavior courses as possible to help me better understand what the best way is to reach an ever-changing audience. As my academic career progressed so did my interests. They grew from thinking about just the American consumer to thinking about the international consumer and how culture can shape the consumer buying process.

I chose to complete my Master’s in the UK because of the emphasis they put on independent learning and to explore my interests in international Public Relations.”

Alyssa Spang – studying a Master’s in Language and Cultural Diversity at King’s College

“I grew up in a quiet Pennsylvania neighborhood in Happy Valley, but I’ve always had a penchant for travel and city life. I’ll be studying Language and Cultural Diversity at the King’s College in London.

I chose to study in the UK because I studied English as an undergrad, and I always loved British literature and culture. I’m excited to be a part of an international city like London.”

Ashley Hackworth – studying a Master’s in International Communications at Leeds University

“The reason I am studying in the UK because similar to the US it is so diverse! I am the type of person who wants to experience new cultures and meet as many people from around the globe as possible. I enjoy traveling and meeting new lifetime long friends. “

Brenda Leonhardt – studying a Master’s in Business Analytics at Surrey University

“My reason for studying in the UK is to experience a completely different world from the one I’ve lived the majority of my life. I want to expand my knowledge of the world by experiencing it first-hand.

Another reason is to be able to explore the past. Where I am from, there isn’t a lot of history that remains. Most historical items are only a hundred years old. I want to be able explore further back in time and get a feel for what it was like then.”

Daniel Allen – studying a Bachelor’s in Law at Kent University

“I chose to study in the UK for 2 main reasons. First, I wanted to return home where I was born and where most of my family still live. In addition, the history in England really is something magical. If you love Game of Thrones and Harry Potter… you will love the UK.

The second reason was to take the 2-year fast-track law program without having to write the daunting LSAT and having to stay on for the traditional 3 years. Why spend another year in school when you don’t have to?!”

Debra Register – studying a Master’s in Creative Producing at Kent University

“As a theatre professional I’ve always dreamed of studying in England and immersing myself in the rich history and artistry of some of the greatest dramatists the world has ever seen and as I looked toward furthering my career by going back to school I was excited to find many unique and exceptional drama programs, some of which were offered only in the United Kingdom.”

Elaine Greer – studying a Master’s in Culture Policy and Management at City University

“I chose to study in the UK and more specifically London because of the strength of culture and history that can be found around every corner. The first country I ever visited outside the US was England when I was 17 and it’s stuck with me.

Continuing my education in London places me in a cultural hub giving me a chance to expand my interests on an international level. It’s a bit of a bonus to be able to have my Master’s done in one year as opposed to two!”

Kelsey Austin – studying a Master’s in Heritage and Cultural Tourism Management at Edinburgh Napier University

I chose to study in the UK because there is so much value in living life outside of your comfort zone. Moving to Scotland has presented some of the biggest personal and academic challenges I’ve faced, but it’s also reaped the greatest rewards.

The lifestyle I have in Edinburgh, the travel experiences I’ve been afforded, and the knowledge I’ve gained in and out of the classroom have been life-changing in the best possible ways.

KJ Neun – studying a Master’s in Public History at York University

“It’s the only school that accepted me! Just kidding. I’m a wanderer at heart and when I found the perfect program of study at an amazing school in England, well, there was simply no contest!”

Olivia Morris – studying a Bachelor’s in Social Policy at Leeds University

“Studying abroad for a semester is often considered a “once in a lifetime opportunity,” so when I started my search for colleges and universities, I realized that learning in another country for my entire ‘university experience’ would be all that and more.

I will be traveling across the pond for all three years in order to get the most out of the university, and international experience”

Samantha Cool – studying a Master’s in Global Public Health & Policy at Queen Mary University

“I chose to study in the UK to gain first-hand experience of a different culture from across the world. My professional aspirations involve global health and ATP was the perfect way for me to fulfil those aspirations by studying in a foreign country”

If you feel inspired by our Ambassadors already, why not enquire with our UK Study Experts for more information on studying in the UK.

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