How to Handle being Homesick While in the UK

by Kiranpreet Basra

It has been around 3 months since I first arrived in the UK. Throughout my time here so far, I have gone through a lot of emotions. First: being excited to start a new chapter in my life, second: being nervous to make friends and feel at home, and third: feeling content with where I currently am in life.


Excitement is what will help you experience the first couple weeks in the UK without feeling homesick. The first week, I had my mom come with me to help get my room sorted and adjust to the UK lifestyle. This was very beneficial as I didn’t feel overwhelmed with having to do everything myself. Many students, of all ages, had their parents or someone come with them and it truly does help with transitioning into living on your own (especially if you haven’t before). With so much change happening, such as moving to a new country, a new language for some, new rules, new time zone, etc.; a whole bunch of newness, having someone with you, helps to completely change your life.

Airport Vibes.


Nerves are a big thing; this is what hit me once my mom left and school had finally started to pick up. The nerves made me feel lonely and homesick. However, a huge tip I can give is to talk to people. Try to socialize, and not stay too alone for a long period of time. Whenever I felt homesick, I would call my parents and friends back home, but I would also ask my friends here in the UK to hang out. It helps to get your mind off of things, and chances are they are 100% feeling the same as you. Contacting you ATP advisor can also be an option, I believe all of the advisors have experienced university abroad and they can definitely speak from experience and provide tips.

A group of people walking down the street

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My friends and I during our most recent trip to Madrid, Spain.


Feeling homesick is hard, especially when you aren’t only a couple hours away. Moving to a new country can be extremely difficult, however, getting through the first couple months (which are the hardest) is worth it in the end.

 My top 10 tips would be to:

  1. Bring someone with you if possible, to help with the transition
  2. Put yourself out there, make friends and socialize
  3. Talk to someone if you’re feeling alone or homesick
  4. Plan trips or activities for the weekends to avoid feeling homesick
  5. Call home, if you’re feeling homesick, chances are you are being missed too
  6. Make the best out of your time here in the UK
  7. Watch videos on feeling homesick
  8. Develop a routine to avoid feeling like you have nothing to do
  9. Talk to an ATP advisor
  10. Enjoy!! Feeling homesick will only last so long, it will get easier. Enjoy your time in the UK and live your best life!

Homesickness is just one con of moving to the UK, however there are SO many pros. There are such great friends, opportunities and self-growth that I have achieved since moving for law school. I highly recommend making this choice for yourself.

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