How A UK Master’s Degree Can Improve Your Career Options

Aug 18, 2015 1:19:02 PM

A big question that should be considered during your initial search is why study in the UK?

Not only is it a great chance for international exposure, but a UK Master’s degree also take less time to complete than Canadian programs.  Additionally, you will gain an internationally renowned degree that will help to open up doorways to many new opportunities.


Less time and more intensive programs

Most UK Master’s degrees take only one year to complete, which means the work is condensed into a more intensive and comprehensive program. This provides students with the opportunity to fast track their education and enter the working world earlier than their friends back home in Canada.

More specialized Degrees

UK universities tend to offer more specialized degrees at the Master’s level than most Canadian universities. This can be appealing to students who don’t want to wait until they begin their PhD or enter the workforce to start narrowing their interests and delving further into their specific interests in their field of study.

Having the freedom to pursue a specialty degree earlier on in their academic career allows students to be exposed to academic and/or professional communities in which they will one day join.

Recognized Institutions 

All of Across the Pond’s partner universities are recognized as higher education providers on Canada’s Master List of Designated Educational Institutions, meaning they are registered and recognized in Canada as international institutions of higher learning.

As the UK is known for schools with high academic standards, earning a degree from an accredited UK university connects you to an institution with a prestigious reputation recognized internationally.

Boosts your employability 

Employers seek applicants who are flexible and show an aptitude for independence and leadership. Having an international degree helps to show potential employers that you took the initiative to live and study abroad, giving you international experience that is highly valued in the work place.  Students who study abroad have a higher chance of finding employment. As this study shows, study abroad graduates out-earn their peers with higher starting salaries.

Not only will you be able to earn an internationally recognized degree that increases your employability, but studying in the UK also opens up a world of possibility for you.  You will have access to new people, places, and experiences that will help you grow as a person and teach you new things about the world around you. You will be able to gain new adventures that would have not before been open to you.


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